Bug report: How to share your DC Universe Online disc with others

DC Universe Online is the first MMO game on the PlayStation 3 platform.. We have spoken to several Sony representatives in different regions and different business units and they all don't have a clue how the activation mechanism works!

That's why it is possible to share your DCUO disc with a friend and play the game for free! (only thing you need to purchase is the subscription fee)..

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kreate2824d ago

confirming u can buy a used copy of DC universe and buy a new code from the playstation store.
and u can play it with no problems?

i thought this was what the article said.
althought i skipped a few paragraphs....

Felis_Rufus2823d ago

That's the idea yes. Buy a used copy and down a sub from the PSN.

Maulerr2825d ago

Jep. Sold mine PS3 version 3 weeks ago. No complaints.

Kon2824d ago

That's an informative piece of text.

The-Tentacle2824d ago

I haven't had the time to play DCUO yet but it looks AMAZING!

AssassinHD2824d ago

I am in the opposite situation. Since I started playing DCUO I haven't had time to play anything else. I got Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on release day and haven't even put the disc in yet. I am getting Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm in the mail today and I don't know if I will play either today.

There are actually a ton of games I still need to finish, but I really want that tier 2 Batman Spectre armor.

Rynx2824d ago

Those Armors are bad ass though. I'm working on m second character

Pillville2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Shouldn't Sony sue that website since they are also publishing instructions on how to circumvent security and play games you didn't buy?

AssassinHD2824d ago

I would be fine with it. Maybe then we wouldn't get articles from Google translate.

Maulerr2824d ago

Maybe you should read better. There's no way to circumvent security, neither do they explain how or why. It merely answers the question if you could buy a 2nd hand copy of DCUO and being able to use it by buying a subscription.

radphil2824d ago

It's people being misinformed of thinking that the disc is "locked" when it acts just like a PC MMO. There's currently no other way to get another activation key without getting a new game, or having an unused code from a used copy.