New screens show Blur 2 was already in development?

Some new mock up images from Bizarre studios reveal Blur 2 was already in development

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r1sh122825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Not sure how they started trying to develop blur 2..
The beta/demo was really good but the final product was pretty bad.
There was some major lagg and all sorts of problems, not to mention that not many people bought the game.
Who knows the sequel might have been good.
Thanks activision, just another franchise that was killed off by the giant.
How long til call of duty goes in that direction?

The more I play black ops - the more bored I get, and the more I hate the game.
Killzone 3 and bulletstorm here I come

SandRazor2825d ago



Mondayding2825d ago

Major shame, I thought Blur was one of the best racers since the 1st Wipeout.

Still, fingers crossed someone picks it up and gets running with it.

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