Half-Life 2 source code thief answers questions on Reddit

The man who famously stole Half-Life 2′s source code pre-release, though denied being the one who distributed it on the internet, is answering questions on social bookmarking site Reddit today.

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Istanbull2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Oh good old times, was it 2003? Man I still remember the leak!

And btw, why is he regretting now? He claimed to steal the code so we could see haw far the game was in development.

But thanks to him the game was delayed, stupid douche

This is what you get when people like him and geohot scream "we want moar Tranzparanzy"

BakedGoods2825d ago

I doubt it was truly 'thanks to him' the game was delayed. The source code proved Valve was seriously behind in development.

But yeah, good times!

karl2825d ago

that picture right there.. was the first official image of half life 2 that i saw in a magazine..

i had a dial up conexion back then 56k... my country was going trough a crisis and my family didnt do too well either...

i asked my mom to buy that little magazine for me it was around 3bucks.. was very small but. i stick to that thing for months.. i was soo damn happy

only half life 3 can give me that feeling back... i dont care if im 30 when half life 3 comes out and maybe i wont be playing games anymore but haha damn i would buy a pc and the game if it took that long

Horny2825d ago

It didn't get delayed due to him. He just wanted more info on the game and to see how far they have gotten. He was tempted to play the game and shared it with someone who decided to leak it, should'nt have trusted the other person.