GAME not stocking Two Worlds II

After numerous lengthy delays, Two Worlds II was finally due to go on sale in the UK this Friday. However, the country's biggest video games retailer GAME won't be stocking it.

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jashmister2829d ago

GAME might be going activision, only stocking crap that sells well.
or they just don't like Two Worlds, it doesn't look that bad too me.

xYLeinen2829d ago

What message does this give to the gamers out there? If you are in doubt about this game I don't think you will run and buy it when you hear that GAME ain't stocking it.

ChrisW2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Personally, I think GAME is being a bit immature about this. Seriously! How many other games out there have been delayed several times and/or the first edition of the series got tepid reviews? Is GAME going to not stock those, too?

While Two Worlds II is a rather good game, it isn't going to become a top-ten-seller. Nonetheless, I'm certain GAME wouldn't mind the extra revenue from selling it.

Kurt Russell2829d ago

True, but GAME is a crap store regardless... designed for chumps without common sense.

danmachine2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

oh Game you complete an utter *****

i'm gonna have to start buying from amazon exclusively.

also the GAME reward system is an complete and utter joke. i bought a 360, PS3, PSP, the original DS, Gamecube, nintendo wii and ps2 from them in the last 5 years which all went on my reward card.

i didnt even get enough to buy 1 new game.

Apollyn2829d ago

Dude that's bullshit ill do the maths for u and tell u how many points that is in store credit.

Apollyn2829d ago

I'm rather surprised by this we have had a fair few pre orders and deposits for the game was looking like it was gonna be a good seller. Seriously hope GAME reconsider this for there sake more than the consumers.

Nate-Dog2829d ago

Hmmm that's odd, GAME here in Ireland have been advertising this for a while now and are still going along with the release as far as I know.