Go! Gaming Giant: Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space was a great game by itself and was one of those titles that you might cringe at the idea of a sequel. With a simple story line and disturbing atmosphere; it was a winner that would be tough to top. With that in mind, Go Gaming Giant gives praise toDead Space 2 since it fully manages to live up to its predecessor and succeeds in being an overall enjoyable game since it simply improved on the foundations of the original.

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Murgatroyd72826d ago

I think I'd have to knock off an extra point for not changing the gameplay and controls enough, but it's still a damn good game.

maskedaprentice2826d ago

It hurts to see all these amazing reviews for the game, and I've yet to play the first one.

ItsEvan2826d ago

Taking off the mask for the death animations really took it to the next level.

RaymondM2826d ago

yeah man, its so much crazier to see Isaac react to what the necromorphs do to him

omicron0092826d ago

awesome, can't want for to get this

GL0pez2826d ago

I will definitely remember DS2 when GotY talks come around!!!