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Eurogamer Denmark review Guerrilla Games' latest FPS, Killzone 3

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bwazy2826d ago

When I first read the score they gave, I immediately thought it was going to be another "shock" factor to draw in readers. But after reading the actual article, I really couldn't agree more on their decision.

awesomeperson2826d ago

How can I read these articles without giving the site a hit :/ I hate having to look at them just to see what their "opinions" are.

I couldn't really understand it well with fing google translate but from what I see over the first 3 pages it compares the game to Call of Duty way too much.

Sure you can write a sentence about how it seems to have grown more towards that way but bringing it up every second, and writing the entire first paragraph about it is just unnecessary.

They also complain about 3 weapon carrying, I find it OK, your not forced to use all 3 weapons, if your a macho Killzone 2 "vet" you can just ignore one of the weapon's or something I guess >.<

I couldn't understand the review well so I won't make further comment but hey, I guess its the internet :/

bageara2826d ago

about 5 or 6 reviews giving the game 9 and above and another give it a perfect 5/5 and most of those articles no one hardly commented on

BattleAxe2826d ago

Classic Eurogamer score for a PS3 exclusive. Don't bother giving this site hits.

Miths2826d ago ShowReplies(2)
josephayal2826d ago

Kz3 def the best shooter of this Gen

Spinal2826d ago

Have you played Gears of War 3 yet? Have you played Battlefield 3 yet? have you played <insert name of shooter coming in 2011> yet?

Your Opinion is Fail, how can you say KZ3 is the best shooter this gen when none of the other shooters This gen are out yet? a Stupid comment is Stupid.

On topic i've got my killzone 3 collectors on the way to my house can't wait to play. But im not dumb enough to call it Best shooter this gen. That's retarded.

palaeomerus2826d ago

Are you really freaking out just because he didn't say "so far" on the end? REALLY?

xtremegamerage2826d ago

Not sure i'd agree with the COD blacks ops stuff.

Controls piss all over KZ2, that's a fact. It's smoother, handles online better, no slowdown like KZ2. Less packed in tight spaces all the time.

I prefered the KZ3 online beta more then the KZ2 full online experience.

And i hate COD with a passion.

The only Good COD imo was COD1 on the PC many moons ago.

The second game was good, better graphically but lost it's edge. Since then has gone down hill imo.

I'll be picking up KZ3, CRYSIS2, BF3(MY FAV)

gravemaker2826d ago

i hate those 7\10 scores, they so biased and full of shit
KZ3 is a great game with good gameplay and awesome graphics- why they gave it 7? 7 is for generic shit, KZ3 is no shit

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The story is too old to be commented.