Polygamerous | Bulletstorm Review “It puts the f*ck in f*ck yeah!”

Polygamerous: Despite my personal grief with some of the language use, Bulletstorm is a fun, crazy, loud, and insane shooter. I do wish there was campaign co-op since it is Epic Games but I can live with its absence. Anarchy mode is fun, addictive, and will keep you playing for hours on end. Epic Games and People Can Fly really out did themselves with this title. Bulletstorm puts the F*ck in F*ck yeah!

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captain-obvious2829d ago

dude i want your avatar picture

on topic
BS looks like a fun game

ComboBreaker2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

polygamerous: "Yeah!"
polygamerous: "F*ck!"
polygamerous: "F*ck yeah!"
everyone else: "Meh."

Montrealien2829d ago Show
ComboBreaker2829d ago

5 bubble commenter on N4G: "I think my opinion matters more."

BulletStorm is an average game, somewhat gimicky, and at times, trying too much to be humorous.

But hey, if that's your cup of tea, then go for it.

no_more_trolling2829d ago

Co co co co combo BREAKER!!!!!!!

Montrealien2829d ago Show
TotalPS3Fanboy2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"it does, you jealous?"

No. It doesn't.

It just means you suck up a lot to both sides, instead of expressing you own opinion and standing by it.

Jealous? Of virtual bubbles? LOL. Only you would care about getting virtual bubbles.

Montrealien2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

hey, why bother with bubbles, when you can just make another account, right totalps3fanboy?

run along now little boy, you have some account switching to do.

/on topic

I think Bulletstorm is a great game.

captain-obvious2829d ago

@ montrealien
you talking about your self ?
you only have 3 bubbles you know

fuckoffodion2825d ago

Montrealian does what he always does. Troll stealthily. And attacks but at the same time play "I'm a victim because i'm a so called gamer!!" No, you're just a troll. a 3 bubble troll.

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WharenPeace2829d ago

This is what passes for a review these days? I thought that badly written IGN review was the pits, but this actually forced me to take a breather, because of a blinding headache.

Just absolutely terrible.

Masterchef20072829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

i am going to wait for a GT review for this one

ZeroTwoSix2829d ago

at the very most it puts the yeah in fuck yeah

prettyboy12829d ago

ummm......yeah who the hell wrote this and why is it legit?from the demo i played of bs it seemed fun for like five minutes then quickly got very repetitive!but what do i know im not a journalist.

palaeomerus2829d ago

Um, the demo released was ONLY a five minute demo of one area to get the idea of the skill shots across. It's not the whole game, and assuming that the whole game is like that from such a short demo is beyond stupid.

prettyboy12829d ago

regardless of what you just said does not change the fact that the game is repetitive. so your argument SIR IS MOOT!

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