PSA: Don't throw away that Bulletstorm disc

Tomorrow (or midnight tonight, depending on your level of enthusiasm), Bulletstorm will launch across the country. For a select group, this purchase will be driven by the desire to play Gears of War 3 early -- specifically, the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta code. To that group, we must say: don't throw away that disc!

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toaster2828d ago

Who the hell throws away game disks anywho..

KRATOS-PS32828d ago

I was thinking the same. But you never know what's going on in the world. There are certainly a few people who actually do this.

Cloudberry2828d ago

Prolly Ninjas whose runs out of shurikens...

Blaze9292828d ago

Or people who think they can do a Destructo Disc Krillin style...

RayRay362828d ago

I have a feeling a high percantage of people who buy it did so for the GoW 3 beta. This thing wont sell shit on the PS3.

NiteX2828d ago

I know someone who is buying it for PS3. Whether he is a sucker or not remains to be seen. Although I'm sure many a people would already say he's a sucker!

R2D22828d ago

I too know one person who is buying this game for his PS3.

BuckyBarnes2828d ago

The game demo was terrible, but this will sell like Crackdown or like Halo Wars simply because it gives people access to one of the only 2 games they have on the system. And I dont understand why, Gears online is terribly slow paced and ive seen more action in a betty white movie.