Sony demo 3D dual-view split screen 3D gaming

EXCLUSIVE: Two players, one full screen. Pocket-lint was treated to the demo of the recently released Killzone 3, which depending on where you sit in your living room (gaming room), depends on what you see.

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a_bro2826d ago

this is the real future of 3D gaming on consoles right here. no need to go split screen. 2 big screens for both players.

Inside_out2826d ago

I'm getting cross eyed just thinking about instead of just glasses now Sony wants us to play with glasses AND one eye open/one eye shut...ahhh...ok...O_o

kneon2826d ago

They didn't mention glasses. With the glasses you can sit anywhere and still see your screen. With the glasses free 3D TVs you need to sit to one side of the TV.

And I expect at this point glasses free will only support 2 player, maybe more in the future. With the glasses the limitation is how many screens the console can render, which again is probably only 2 right now.

SnakeMustDie2826d ago

I think this was supposed to be in KZ3 but they lacked the time to implement it properly.

Joni-Ice2826d ago

I hope they release it in a update for Killzone 3. I would love to try on my new 3D TV.

SnakeMustDie2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

It will be hard to implement it in an update because it relies heavily on the engine in which it KZ3 engine currently struggles to maintain a decent framerate at splitscreen/3D. Doing both at the same time without updating/further optimizing the engine would play the game at an unplayable framerate. They could implement it in KZ4 if it is in the works.

prodg522826d ago

If you remember, the PS3 originally was supposed to have 2X HDMI out. Would have made this easier

Silver_Faux2826d ago

Well if this means that there will still be offline co-op in the future rather than online only then get craking on perfecting it!

kramun2826d ago

This will make some ps3 gamers go cross eyed if they're not careful. We'd have to give it a medical term like they did with Nintendo gamers who got bad thumbs, they could call it Sony Cross-Eyed Syndrome.

There'd be patients all around the world in hospitals going on about how KZ3 is the greatest fps ever, and then bumping into walls.

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