Blonde, Bad and Beautiful - Why Are So Many gAME Villains Blonde?

No doubt by the time this article goes up, there will be another brown-haired 30 something white male staring at you on the right. Yeah, him.

I had taken particular notice of the mention of brown-haired characters taking preference and I started to become aware that a game protagonist’s hair colour now more or less determined who they were entirely. Blonde characters are now reserved for pseudo-Aryan super-villains or utter bastards and ginger characters are few and far between – unless they’re the lead in a female sexy sex side-quest you practically never see them.

Take, for example, Albert Wesker and Duke Nukem. While they’re both at opposite ends of the alignment spectrum, they could quite easily be mistaken for the same person, in terms of how much of a bastard they both are.

It seems to me that blonde characters are effectively typecast as the sort of person that developers don’t want the player to like.

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