PS Move Heroes Gameplay - Jak Gold Medal

JI writes: "PlayStation Move Heroes' minigames range from the shooting seen in the GameStop early demo with Clank to the classic platformer-battling action of Ratchet's demo section and the plasma whip section seen with Sly in the new demo of PS Move Heroes. But it doesn't end there. There are also some interesting minigames not based on combat which you might enjoy seeing. Here is the one offered for Jak in the demo, and Hitman earning a Gold Medal at it."

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SpaceSquirrel2827d ago

The game looks great. The $39.99 price point doesn't hurt it either.

SeNiLesBack2827d ago

What if all games had that starting price point?

Kreyg2827d ago

More games would sell

NukaCola2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

DLC wouldn't be such a burden.

COD and Madden would finally cost closer to the real value.

Bobby Kotick would lose his mind.

blackburn52827d ago

I know there will be a lot of hate for this game but playing the demo was a blast. Can't wait to see what else it has in store for me. And the best part about Move games are that they are cheaper than normal PS3 games. Still want Sly 4 and Jak 4 though

Sitris2827d ago

If you have the sly collection, and get the platinum for sly 3 (like I have) then you will see that they very heavily hint at sly 4 coming out eventually. And I believe that at e3 they will announce it officially as sucker punch would have completed infamous and would have had a few extra months to put together an announce trailer.

Ravage272826d ago

hm...that looks pretty fun

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