Some Early Flying Get Comments from Tetsuya Nomura

Andriasang: Dengeki PlayStation info has leaked out via the usual sources for early magazine leaks. The magazine apparently has a very revealing interview with Tetsuya Nomura this week.

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Dragun6192825d ago

I wonder what SquareEnix's and Normura's plans for the NGP.
I'm sorta hoping SE moves development of FF Type-0 to the NGP considering it's so far only 60% done and it would be a good launch title.

FiftyFourPointTwo2825d ago

BBS Volume 2 to me will end up as an NGP game.

ComboBreaker2825d ago

"I wonder what SquareEnix's plans for the NGP."

Xenogears 2: Episode 6 would be nice.

KiasuKiasiMan2825d ago

hmm, different genre. A real RPG version of Dissidia would rock. :D

kvg882825d ago

Now thats an idea - it'd be like Kingdom Hearts without the Disney Characters. Final Fantasy All-Stars