KillZone 3: Critically Acclaimed Fans Inflamed

After a last week’s release of intense reviews for Sony’s triple A shooter KillZone 3, the gaming community is lashing out. Though Killzone 3’s Metascore is comfortably sitting at a respectable 85, most gamers have become in raged at many of the reviews from the industries top site.

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WetN00dle692825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

FANBOY RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
85 is not that bad.

ssj2gohan832825d ago

Two can play that game.

Nerd Rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No 85 is not a bad average. The way I see it is that the majority don't have a problem with the score per-say. It was the reviews themselves. Especially since they were incomplete and extremely bias. This was the case with Gamespot, IGN, et. al.

thereapersson2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

The biggest thing that ticks me off are the idiotic complaints that Killzone is "Nazis in space". If you knew anything at all about the story, and didn't just put down your copy of Black Ops for 10 minutes to write a half-assed, cursory review of the game, you would see that such analysis is completely trite and factually inaccurate.

baodeus2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

what so bias about all the review in general? It is because ps3 games are always rated on a different scale/level?

I'm asking a question, instead of disagree, i mean can u even give at least some answer, more like your opinion why the reviews are biased? Speak your mind man.

ssj2gohan832825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


Bias can mean a number of things. Go look them up.


Nice insinuation that I play Black Ops. The only COD game I played was 4, and I thought it was lack luster with nothing special about it.

Even though I don't know anything about the lore of Killzone. The only thing I deduced was that the Helghast was being oppressed and pushed into a corner by the ISA, and the Helghast decided to fight back. Other than that, I know nothing about it.

baodeus2825d ago

i'm not asking of bias definition, i'm asking example of bais, like: ps3 games are rated on a different scale or level for example. Something like that, an opinion on why you would think so?

ssj2gohan832825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


Sorry if I miss read your post. I am tired right now thanks to insomnia.

My point of view of bias is that a lot of reviews, articles, and editorials give off a negative vibe about the PS3 and it place in the market. Quite a few of them come off really distasteful and unprofessional as these seem to attack the company, its games and services, and fan base. You can tell on how bias the piece is by its tone.

For example, Many of the GT5 reviews attacked the game and docked points for being in development for 5 years. Others docked points for having too much content, or being not as accessible as Forza.

To make matters worse, these actions have been going on since the beginning of the generation. And it begs the question. Why is this happening, and why hasn't anyone tried to stop it?

And it is really disconcerting that the fan-bases of these consoles are doing nothing to stop it. They rather takes sides and defend their console, and defend the actions of the media, and tell them that they are in the right, and not in the wrong. It is like they have something to gain from it.

When in reality, the actions that the mainstream gaming media, and the die hard console fanboys will ultimately mean the end of the industry, and everything that we know and love about it.

That is why it is also important to call out the reviews for what they really are, pieces of bias shit, when it is called for, and demand to do the reviews again. It is also important to write counter/persuasive arguments to these as well.

Dragon_Hiko2825d ago

I'm just replying to you ssj2gohan83 for your last awesome post. +Bubs for Well said.

Great name btw, Gohan was my favorite character of dbz.

I just want to add that although it is still bad with some articles and reviews here and there and some sites in particular; thank god it's not like it was when the ps3 launched anymore. Every single day there was an article about how the ps3 was doomed to fail, or (laughably) had no games. It all made me want to hit my head against the keyboard.

And it is also so painful to hear people say that they don't understand how we can 'see' things that way, like our perception's of reality are screwed so heavily by our 'blind fanboy' eyes.

paintsville2824d ago

All PS3 exclusives are perfect 10's right? right?

Redman222824d ago

This game is fucking phenomenal is all I can say. It's not perfect but what game is? It's so much fucking fun, and the story, well I'm loving it. I guess you have to be a KZ fan to appreciate it.

Amazing fucking job GG. And if you noticed almost all the reviews are 9+.

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KRATOS-PS32825d ago

The SP-Demo alone is better than 99,9% of FPS out there and a 10/10.

KingPin2825d ago

erm, no! gamers these days are like a bunch of lil gilrs. when review scores are between 80-90 it all of a sudden isnt triple A game. so they whine. like wtf!! im sorry, but to me, Deus-EX was the best FPS ever and that only got a 90 back in the day. so please, perfect 10 socres nowdays mean nothing!! the original halo as well, perfect 10, please. i played it, i enjoyed the heck out of it, but the levels in some areas looked like a copy and paste job of previous levels! Trust me, 85 really isnt that bad of a score!!

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

Yes, but what I don't get is why such a high quality game like Killzone 3 gets just 80-90% most of the time. I mean, it brings everything a next-Gen Shooter has to give you . Visuals, Gameplay, good Story, nice Multiplayer. What is a perfect 10 when such a great game like Killzone 3 can't achieve it!?

KingPin2825d ago

i see where you coming from, however, giving even the highest quality game a perfect 10 means that there is no game better than that one and the creators would never have to create another game ever. the thing with games is there is always room for improvement. you might not see it, but trust me, there are things the developers wish they could do differently. il be honest with you, i dont trust scores nowadays, there are far too many perfect scores getting tossed around which dont deserve that acclaim!! <gta4!> scores nowadays are a joke, fuel for fanboy wars. i say ignore scores altogether, play the game, use your own judgment after all, we both know you have the ability to rate games without anyone else's input.

UnSelf2825d ago

im playin this game as we speak and i can assure everyone in here that this game is as far from an 85 as possible.

its at least 90-93....AT LEAST!!!!!!

Ju2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

KingPin, I agree with you.

However, it is the double standard which dishes out high scores - from the same reviewers who give games like KZ an 85 - that defines the bias.

I would be OK with that if they would at least be consistent and give those low score to all other games two. Then it is just their rating system and maybe they think giving 100% is really exceptional.

But the fact is, it is not. Those very same review sites dish out high or perfect scores for game which deserve those way less than games like KZ3.

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vgcgames2825d ago

Killzone is measured with a yard stick while halo is measured with a ruler. The industry review is broken Killzone 3 is a true innovation and evolution of shooters, while Halo has been the same game over the last few years and 360 fan boys continue to praise it like its the greatest ever every time it releases; It's ignorant and you have been playing Halo 2 for 7 years.
when some does exceptional work they should get the respect they deserve and Killzone 3 is beyond exceptional and requires some respecting.

WetN00dle692825d ago

The game is amazing, who gives FCK what the metascore is cause hey that is not gonna hinder my experience one bit! Besides we all know that those few who have giving this amazing title a bad review would much rather be playing Hanna Montana's Magical adventure! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!

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ChristianGamer2825d ago

Ag geez! Ps3 fans are always crying about something. Bias this, conspiracy that. They cried when LBP 2 got 91, they cried when GT5 got 84. They cry about positive news on other consoles too. Kinect advertising this, NPD isn't the world that.
I honestly cannot remember the last time I read that x360 gamers where up in arms about anything. Fable 3 got an 80, no mass suicides. Crackdown 2 got 70! Not one outrage. IGN scores GT5 an 85 and it is the crime of the century.
Why are you people so entitled? It is really getting lame.
How come when 360 games don't get perfect scores we all agree that the games are just not perfect, but when it is ps3 games recieving not perfect scores it is because the whole world is biased?
You people need to stop giving games higher scores in your head before you play them. Until it releases and is in your console then your opinion is worth squat!

ZombieAssassin2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Dood you need to stop please, don't act like what some insecure fanboy says speaks for all ps3 owners...and btw i've seen insecure fanboys on the xbox side complain when there game doesn't get a 10 either.

Just travel outside N4G and you'll see that most ps3/x360 owners aren't like that really at all, I've spent time on the Official xbox and playstation forums and believe me they don't give two sh1ts about sales or scores (at least a majority of them) just how much fun they have playing a game...crazy right.

Both Ps3/x360 fanboys are terrible, it's just ps3 fanboys tend to get pissed and start bitching when a game doesn't score that high (even though anything above 75 should be seen as great) and xbox fanboys tend to just talk sales of two franchises when they are insecure.

Titanz2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

There's been a bunch of Nintendo titles that hasn't scored as well as I would've like, but you gotta learn to live with it and move on.

RememberThe3572825d ago

"Ag geez! Ps3 fans are always crying about something."

And yet your always crying about PS3 fans... And yet you will never see the hypocrisy in your thought process.

ZombieAssassin hit the nail on the head.

Kalipekona2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@ RememberThe357

Your reasoning is as faulty as it comes. What you're saying is akin to saying 'don't complain about that murderer or try to do anything to stop his actions because if you do you are just as bad as the murderer'.

Neutral gamers, PC gamers, Nintendo gamers and Xbox gamers all complain about PS3 fanboys for a reason (and don't much complain about each other) and the reason is that PS3 fanboys are the most fanatical and irrational of all the fanboys.

Now, obviously not all people that own or enjoy a PS3 are PS3 fanboys--I count myself in that category--but, as a group, PS3 fanboys are simply the most hate-filled, overly-sensitive, irrational and fanatical fanboys in gaming.

RememberThe3572825d ago

No my reasoning it akin to "don't murder people who murder". It's not illogical. The issue is not that he is complaining, it is that he is complaining about complaining. He is doing the very thing he is condoning.

"but, as a group, PS3 fanboys are simply the most hate-filled, overly-sensitive, irrational and fanatical fanboys in gaming."

That frames your argument to only PS3 fanboys when in reality the entirety of fanboys in general seem to be over reactive, dramatic, irrational people. That right there is illogical and is akin (to use your word again) to saying "there are bad people out there but the group I'm not apart of is the worst." It shows a lack of objective reasoning. And yea, people can actually do that.

DigitalRaptor2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

All fanboys follow that description. You must enjoy singling out PS3 fanboys mustn't you? Just like everyone else has enjoyed singleing out the PS3 and it's games as "crap".

The "hate-filled, overly-sensitive, irrational and fanatical" behaviour comes from this singularity - the unfair, illogical and wholly biased treatment of the PS3, Sony and their fans since before launch. If you are treated a certain way, it's only a matter of time before you start acting in defense, no matter how petty it might seem.

I would love to see your description of 360 fanboys if the situation had been somehow reversed, and the 360 had been ostracized and active campaigns existed to try and negatively impact the 360 and its games. Believe me, they would probably react in the same manner. Except, that would not happen, because Sony is a modest Japanese company, who's culture prevents them from resorting to the same lengths Microsoft has to get a stronghold on the market.

If you think PC, Xbox and Ninty gamers are all out to get PS3 fanboys then you need your head checking!

telekineticmantis2825d ago

greg miller from IGN said it himself. Very few people lashed out, most people just said good review, This is really another article from a low budget journalist, with no merit really.

Rainstorm812825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"NPD isnt the world that"

Doesn't NPD do sales for North America only??

In my experience, fanboys will be fanboys...what they are a fanboy of doesnt matter, its all the same mentality whether its a die hard suppporter of PC, PS3, 360 or the Wii.

Like you christian gamer, i see you comment more about PS3 and its die hard fanatics more than anything on N4G. I have a PS3 and KZ3 couldve gotten a 1... i still would buy it because reviews are just the opinions of strangers.

Inside_out2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

It's been like this since this gen began and like usual, it starts at the top.

Sony is to blame for creating what has to be some of the most ignorant fanboys gaming has ever seen. Supercomputer this, CGI trailers and massive amount of cut scenes have these guys believing

I have ALL the consoles and the PS3 guys are just delusional...plain and simple. Average and below average game games that they believe are the best, not only now but EVER...O_o

The pixel counters are just as bad and it seems to be getting worse with sites like Digital Foundry making up there own language to describe games then being put in there place by the " REAL " game developers.

Again, companies like Sony are to blame as well. Blu-ray are 1080p so anything less is inferior THEN admit most games look better at 720p...O_o...Blu-ray hold 50 gb's of information and the PS3 games are no longer in length and some are actually shorter than there dvd counterparts.

I have no problem with a gamer showing his love for a game he truly loves but the PS3 guys hate everything that isn't exclusive to the PS3. There needs to be a study done on why that think that the vast majority of them grew up with Sony PS1/PS2 and are somehow emotionally attached at the head like some sort of alien collective a herd of sheep. them attack everyone in this thread who disagree's with them.

Kalipekona2825d ago

I think a big part of it has to do with Sony's domination the past two generations. What I have noticed is that the average die hard PS3 fanboy is usually in his late teens to early twenties and most of them basically started gaming on the PS1 or PS2. Therefor they have an unrealistic and unbalanced view of things based on being so new to gaming.

I have been gaming since the Atari days and I have seen companies come and go. I realized long ago that being attached to one brand gains you nothing and actually tends to hurt your gaming in the long run.

telekineticmantis2825d ago

I think there' gonna be some big fans. Xbox fanvboys started it but now that they have no games there's nothing to go crazy about.

P_Bomb2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

There's also a problem ChristianGamer/cezofrage/ Failoverhero etc when uber-fans of the other consoles are so determined to do psychological profiling to hold against "ps3 fanboys" that they can't even pat their fellow gamers on the back when they have LEGITIMATE concerns about the state of the journalism union. someone else said, when a metacritic site like Guardian says stuff like "I couldn't tell which bald space marine I was playing as" even though there are NO bald protagonists to speak of and you're only playing as ONE guy for two straight games now (Sev), that's trolling.

We expect better from movie/book/music reviews, we should expect the same quality assurance here. Review the game and the world it's creating. Don't play down the high-res graphics just because it doesn't arbitrarily have Limbo's art style. Don't all of a sudden develop a hate-on for "headshot assist red eyes" (ScottJones) when a hundred other charachters in games & movies have had red eyes from Decepticons to zombies. Don't say "meh" to TDM when every other game under the sun has the right to have it (from Halo & COD to BioShock & Dead Space).

Lay down your arms for a second and read what's actually being written, so if the day comes when Guardian etc criticize Gears 3 for not being a black'n'white open world/puzzle RPG in the same issue they give COD:MW3 a 10/10...maybe the "ps3 fanboys" you constantly harass will be there to back you up too.

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blackburn52825d ago

Why is it seem that 360 owners seem to complain ten times more about our complaining then us complaining about a score? Why don't you just go and play your games and get lost? This doesn't concern you.

FailOverHero2825d ago

Maybe they are trying to get you to experience just how annoying all your complaints and conspiracy theories are. You seem pretty peeved right now so I'd say its working

RememberThe3572825d ago

Haha you talking about being annoying! Classic!

Heavy_Rain2825d ago

What are you doing in a ps3 thread. ROFLMAO. Dude there are Sony support groups held all over the world for xbots like yourself who feel completely miserable about their purchase and have no games. Check out your newspaper I am sure something will be there near your area. Put yourself out of your misery and get a ps3 or stop being a fool and comment on a console which you dont even own

MrBeatdown2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I love how you use the word "they" as if you don't troll the comments looking for any reason you can to bitch about PS3 fans, even though there is just as much stupidity on either side.

Just about every comment you make is nothing more than whining about PS3 fans.

FailOverHero2825d ago

Lol beatdown. I really don't have to LOOK for a reason. I'm presented with a variety of choices each time I log on here. You see Killzone 8/10 review and you say to yourself, here we go again! Another site that is going into the infamous blacklist. You see NPD and you know, two thirds of the comments are about how North America, the biggest gaming market, is not the world.
You see a positive kinect article and you know not to dare go in there and cheer or else you'll be barraged with negative comments and told you're a kinect fanboy(remember that lil conversation we had?)
So please, lets not go pretending it is a mission to find something to b*tch about ps3 fanboys, they make it very difficult not to

joeorc2825d ago

"Maybe they are trying to get you to experience just how annoying all your complaints and conspiracy theories are. You seem pretty peeved right now so I'd say its working"

than your just as bad as the people your complaining about!

it seem's that your not happy unless another certain group of gamer's are unhappy an your not the only one it seem's taking a whack at the hornet's nest seem's to bring you pleasure, even when you get stung.

you may say your trying to enlighten them, but all your doing is trying to stir up trouble an you already know it would when you do it.

that's the problem.

if it bother's you so much what other people from a certain group say than maybe just maybe you have other issues to worry about.

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Silly gameAr2825d ago

It was pretty funny when the Xbox fanboys started calling KZ3 mediocre whenever a score of 8 would pop up.

There's a couple of them that have have already commented on the article.

Got to laugh about it, really.

seinfan2825d ago

I have both a PS3 and a 360. I get annoyed when you idiots come up with this asinine explanation that these sites have a hidden agenda as if they're reptilian space beings from the lower fourth dimension looking to drive the masses from purchasing PS3 games, which would enable them to continue ruling the world through the Aryan race that originated from Mars.

Silly gameAr2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I have a PS3 and 360 too. Can I be special like you?

Also, I think Killzone 3 scored great. Reviews don't really sway me much. I like to try something for myself and have my own opinions.

P_Bomb2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@Silly gameAr
lol, that is funny. Anytime someone says "I have a PS3 and a 360" like it somehow validates everything they have to say, I just feel like saying I still have a working NES so feel free to kneel before Zod. :p

seinfan2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@the two dolts that left replies to my comment

Did you not see the comment I was responding to? Obviously not. He started off with "Why is it seem that 360 owners seem to complain ten times more", implying that it's the ones that have a 360 only.

citan2825d ago

The title should say "Fanboys inflamed". The rest will just buy the game and play it.

SSKILLZ2825d ago

I just got my copy and its freaking mind-blowing !!! Screw the reviews ! Play it !

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

wait is killing me. I wanna play the campaign so bad

SSKILLZ2825d ago

You'll get your fix soon man