First Look - N64 Emulator Alpha Version on PS3

An exciting new emulator project surfaced today. A team of three guys has taken on the challenge of porting a Nintendo 64 emulator to the PS3. The project seems to have been underway for sometime, as progress is quite far. The team has released three videos showcasing that the emulator is in playable form but still needs some work. Currently the emulator is 1 player only via keyboard, graphics work excellent for most games tried, and the emu has no audio support. The team has made no indications on when a release will occur, but it doesn't seem too far off.

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this is what hacks should be about stuff like this i love and would love to put on my ps3,not pirated ps3 games

rajman2826d ago

Well this would still lead to illegal download of N64 no

SuicideShaun2826d ago

Yeah but this would also be preserving the classics. I used to use an n64 emulator on my pc because my n64 broke. So in a way it's good for people to play the classic old games.

sam22362826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )



The gaming industry is finished, guys!!!

EDIT: @rajman (Below): You're either a troll or an idiot. Judging from your comment above, I'm guessing you're both.

rajman2826d ago

Its not ok to download PS3 games, so it shouldnt be ok for N64 games to.

rajman2826d ago

@ sam2236
The only troll here is you, PS1 has been dead for ages...would Sony be happy with me downloading PS1 games illegally and playing them on my PC or PS3 through emulators? NO

Army_of_Darkness2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Maybe if the guy didn't have his camera 2 inches away from his monitor, I might have believed it a little cause Killer instinct gold on my PS3 is sounding mighty goood!

jony_dols2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I bought my N64 around 12 years ago, and I amassed an impressive library of games.

Everything from Mario 64 to Resident Evil 2, Starfox to Goldeneye.
I spent a lot of cash on it. And now it sits uselessly in my cabinet beside my PS2 gathering dust.

I will relish replaying all my N64 classics, through HDMI on my shiny PS3.

Wenis2826d ago

The fact of the matter is, Roms and Emulators on widely available on PC for people to download anyways, so being able to play them on PS3 won't 'hurt' the situation anymore... it just makes it more cool... I mean really, playing Banjo Kazooie on PS3 (which you'd have to d/l on 360 by the way, lol)

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George Sears2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Hah I'm actually re-playing Majoras Mask on Project64. I never really had downloaded an emulator for the PC before but I never knew how easy and great the emulator works.

Almost got all the masks except for the goddam mask from the dude who turned into a kid.

I wonder if these guys could also do a PS2 emulator as well. That would kick so much ass.

tunaks12826d ago

theres also an emulator for the psp, and wii if anyone else is interested.

2826d ago
tunaks12826d ago

"also, xbox 360 emulator for PS3"

not possible.

catbusmillionaire2826d ago

I'd love to see a console with dreamcast emulation next

kramun2826d ago

You'll be lucky. Dreamcast emulation on pc still isn't that good, I doubt it would work half as well on consoles.

Jdoki2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Y'know what else has a really good N64 emulator, and is legal...? A Wii.

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