Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Review |

On December 9, 1995, Enix (now known as Square-Enix) released Dragon Quest VI on the Super Famicom, completing their three-game trilogy on Nintendo's 16-bit home console. Unfortunately for fans of the NES entries, Enix never localized the Super Famicom Dragon Quest titles, including the very popular Dragon Quest VI. 15 years later, on February 14, 2011, Square-Enix finally brought Dragon Quest VI outside of Japan, under the subtitle "Realms of Revelation," completing the remakes of the Super Famicom games on the DS, and thus having every Dragon Quest game available outside of Japan. Using the same engine as Dragon Quest IV and V on DS and remaining faithful to the original, is Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation merely another bland JRPG stuck in the 90s?

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