Killzone 3 Now Available in North America

The conflict between the Helghans and the ISAs continues today as the much awaited Killzone 3 by Guerrilla Games is now available in North America.

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SuperbVillain2829d ago

Gamestop needs to set up some type of way to transfer pre orders to different stores.Because of this I wasn't able to get to the mid night release.

StarScream4Ever2829d ago

It has begun! Long Live Emperor Stahl!!!

StarScream4Ever2829d ago

Oh please go away Orlock supporters. :P

NewYork2142829d ago

I thought it doesnt actually come out until tomorrow(Wednesday)? gonna have to pick up my pre-order tomorrow

paradiselost932829d ago

Mines on it's way from amazon, should be getting it on Thursday XD

Krakn3Dfx2829d ago

You should have paid the $1 for release day delivery. I bought it when it was $57.99 and paid the 99 cent release day delivery, will be here tomorrow, tax free, and the $20 credit, woot.

dragon822829d ago

I got free release day delivery on mine. :P

M-Easy2829d ago

I did release day delivery and my package still hasn't even shipped. Me and Amazon gonna have some serious problems.

paradiselost932828d ago

? Don't know what you're talking about, does that $1 release day work on the Canadian Amazon site?

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The story is too old to be commented.