Violent Juarez video game upsets critics

Against a very real backdrop of murder, kidnapping and torture, an upcoming video game is inviting players to "embark on a bloody road trip" to the Mexican border city of Juarez.
"Call of Juarez: The Cartel" is an update to an Old West series from Ubisoft. But this time, players are inserted into the city in a game set in the present.
As some of the most brutal fighting yet between drug cartels in the region rages on, the game has officials and others upset.
"Of course, it is something that those of us who love our city don't like at all," Jose Reyes-Ferriz, the former mayor of Juarez, told CNN on Monday. "It's something that demeans our city."

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fredfenster2825d ago

Bitches need to stop crying, goddamn I don't understand these people.

thereapersson2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

They instead find videogames and only videogames the easy target. Let's just ignore the fact that countless movies have been more violent and accessible than any videogame ever made, as well as the fact that many of said movies have become some of the most popular pop-culture references to date.

From what I can gather, this game appears to be based off of cartel warfare, which is not only a real threat in today's modern world, but also an extremely violent topic to consider. It would be no different than allowing yourself access to the numerous news and image sites that aggregate violent imagery and media to further educate the viewer on what real life really is. The ironic thing is, movies have "R" ratings for a reason, and websites have 18+ disclaimers and warnings, yet when videogames contain any sort of "excessive" content (violence, sex, etc.), they are immediately lambasted by the ignorant media as the scum of the earth.

The scapegoat mentality of these media outlets will never cease to astound, confound, and incite facepalm-worthy feelings in me. People who attack videogames as a source of deviant behavior in humanity lack the basic mental capacity to separate fantasy from reality. They become insecure when they cannot comprehend this basic fact, and instead decide to utilize their public outreach to smear the name of something which has nothing to do with the lack of understanding of right and wrong when it is applied to real-life actions.

Rainstorm812825d ago

i agree 100%

Isn't this why the ESRB was created???

Media = A bunch Dumbfu(ks and gaming is the scapegoat for all life's problems.

thereapersson2825d ago

Thanks, haha.

Speaking of deviant behavior, It's sort of ironic how one of the most concise, common-sense-laden comments I have ever produced on this site was also typed under the influence of a few shots of whiskey.

High-five!!!! :)

R2D22825d ago

The people above who are saying to get over it are inconsiderate bastards.

Just because you have not lost some one you love (Little Sister,Borther,Mom) in the Cartel war, that does not mean you should tell people to stop crying and get over it.

How would we Americans feel if some one developed a game about 911 and had game play with us flying the planes in the twin towers or us having to make a choice of jumping or die by smoke or fire?

This Cartel War is real and many people have lost lives because we Americans need to feed our powder craving

rdgneoz32825d ago

"Fifty-three people were killed in a 72-hour span in Ciudad Juarez, making it one of the deadliest three-day periods in recent memory"
"In the first 40 days of 2011, Juarez averaged eight homicides per day."

Instead of complaining about a game that will be coming out, you think they'd have other things to worry about.

"Reyes-Ferriz said that gamers, unlike a generally older public that follows events in Juarez through the news media, could have their entire image of the city created by the game."

I know the difference between a video game / pixels and real life, and 53 dead in 3 days / 8 homicides per day creates a pretty good picture to me...

Rainstorm812825d ago

Just more crying about gaming.

"Of course, it is something that those of us who love our city don't like at all," .... "It's something that demeans our city."

So the real drug cartels and homicides dont demean the city huh?? Ever heard of Realism??

Art imitates Life....

thereapersson2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Don't forget, we don't call videogames art! Because we don't, we can then ignore the "life imitates art" mantra, and proceed to blame videogames as a separate entity for the source of all of society's ills, instead of doing something to prevent the wrong people from playing them. After all, doing that would take away the income from the publishers, and require more action on the part of retailers. We sure don't want poor little 'ole Bobby Kotick missing his bonus check so little Johnny can gun down an entire airport terminal, do we?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2825d ago

So then it's not just FOX eh?

I'm not a Coj fan and i have no idea what level of violence is in the game but it is plainly obvious that a lot of gamers and game devs have become majorly desensitized to violence. It IS a tad bit worrying.

Rainstorm812825d ago

Because they are games!

Majority of those same gamers and game devs would be very affected if someone shot someone else in the face with a shotgun in front of them.

Its knowing the difference between Fantasy and Reality.....

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2825d ago

"Its knowing the difference between Fantasy and Reality..... "

That's hardly the issue. Of course everyone knows it's not real. It's the fact that people seem to get unnatural pleasure from the DEPICTION of violence. No one can deny that a lot of games have gore and violence just for the sake of gore and violence.

thereapersson2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Therein lies the problem in your statement. It is in human nature to focus an interest on violent or aggressive imagery. Why do you think people get such thrills from watching fighting events? MMA is more popular than it has ever been. People are naturally attracted to images and events that depict tragedy or violence in human history. To ignore the fact that human beings are a violent species is ignorant. We are, of course, only so far away from our animal bretheren, after all.

The human race is, by default, a violent, competitive species.

(damnit, I wish I had more bubbles to continue conversing in this article...)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2825d ago

"We are, of course, only so far away from our animal bretheren, after all."

Haha that, of course, is the problem with your statement. I've always been a believer in the idea that every moral question can be traced back to your belief in human origins. You're clearly a believer in evolution. I'm not. This isn't the place to discuss something like that but I would like to point a few things out.

-To say something is okay because animals do it would be to degrade yourself to a poop flinging, finger sniffing, illiterate nudist.
-Hitler used the teachings of evolution to justify "cleansing the world" of Jews.
-I do agree that humans have violent tendencies, but we also have positive tendencies. Trying to justify violent acts by saying it's in our nature is a terrible excuse because you also have a positive nature that you can CHOOSE to exercise. So really you have no one to blame for your actions but yourself. Not nature.

Anyway, I think it's really ironic that gamers get so angry when people say that violent games have a bad influence on people's behavior. It's clearly true when all their responses are things like:

"Bitches need to stop crying, goddamn..."

"Media = A bunch Dumbfu(ks"

And alot more I could quote from previous articles.

Rainstorm812825d ago

Im sorry exgamer but calling someone a name doesnt equal a violent act....

Violence is in every form of entertainment, Just as people enjoy violent media it the same with other forms of media comedy, drama and more. Some of the most violent games dont even get an audience like Soldier of Fortune. People have become desensitized by wars, the news, and regular life. Which goes back to my original statement above.

Art imitates Life.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2825d ago

"Im sorry exgamer but calling someone a name doesnt equal a violent act...."

True. What I should've said is, "games with aggressive language." Either way my point still stands.

"People have become desensitized by wars, the news, and regular life."

Hearing about war on the news can hardly desensitize a person to war itself. That can only happen if your regular life IS war.

"Art imitates Life."

Some art does. Video game art? Rarely. And you'd have a hard time defending that position with the likes of Bulletstorm, Gears of War, God of War, Mortal Kombat and other games that the news media like to pick on. Even the few rare cases that do qualify like GTA and Mafia JUST BARELY qualifies because all of the excessive violence in those games aren't there for the purpose of depicting real life. It's there simply for the sake of it being there. All too often you hear devs talking about all the "cool new ways to brutally kill your enemies". Like I said...violence for the sake of violence.

And for the record I'm not saying I don't play games that have violence in them. I do like mortal Kombat and I can't wait to pick up my pre order of KZ3. But I don't play those games because of the violence. I play MK because it has nice fighting mechanics. I never do fatalities and if the gore was taken out I doubt I'd care. And I play Killzone for it's tactical gameplay (socom too). That being said even I can tell that I too have become a little desensitized by the violence that I've been exposed to over the years in video games.

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