Bizarre Creations' Design Lead Lands At Sumo Digital

CVG is reporting some good news amidst all the sadness surrounding the closure of respected UK racing studio Bizarre Creations. Gareth Wilson, Bizarre's now-former design manager, has landed a job at Sumo Digital. Wilson was the lead designer on the PGR series and the recent Blur. He will now serve in a similar role at Sumo. On its face, it seems to be a good fit, and Sumo has a history in the racing genre, with projects including Sega All-Stars Racing, F1 2009 for Wii, and the PSP version of Split/Second.

Hopefully others from Bizarre will land on their feet at other developers

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SwampCroc2828d ago

This is good news... by far a quick turn around after just getting fired.

Hitman07692828d ago

Hell yeah this will be a good break.

dragonelite2828d ago

Didn't Sumo get the pgr 5 contract atleast that is what the rumors were saying.

SandRazor2828d ago

Sumo Digital should continue Blur 2.
Just saying.

SwampCroc2828d ago

I would love to see the continue the Geometry Wars IP... or atleast use G-Warz as a template for another masterpiece.