Xbox Kinect Vs. Sony PS3: How 2 Companies Handle Hacking

Mashable: Imagine you’re a gaming console manufacturer, and some kid hacks your console to do “neat tricks.” Do you help him or sue him?

The question isn’t a hypothetical one; currently, two rival companies have each taken one of these roads. What remains to be seen is which approach will be more profitable, both financially and in terms of gamer goodwill

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TXIDarkAvenger2827d ago

I might say help them as in hire them. People that hack would help the console greatly but then again could u trust them?....cause i wouldnt trust Geohot with my life.

xAlmostPro2826d ago

Kinect against a console hack is completely different..

The ps3 hack is causing piracy, ruining online experiences for legit users and more..

The kinect is a hardware hack that causes no damage to things like this -_-

kneon2826d ago

Right, the hackers hacking kinect are hackers in the original sense of the word. People who tinker with tech to make it do cool stuff. The "hackers" hacking the PS3 are what we would have called "crackers" back in the early days. That's hackers with malicious intent.

blumatt2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I don't think people hacking the PSN and people hacking the Kinect is comparable. One is the device's network which it relies on for connectivity and one is just a peripheral. \

BTW, guys, I guess I'm gonna have to make a new account since people decided to take my third bubble away yesterday. What should my new account name be???? Any ideas??? The mods are too harsh on this website.

R2D22826d ago

Your new name should be ButtMatt or Sony Pole Smoker.

SWORDF1SH2826d ago


says r2d2.

lmao. That was funny ahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahah ahahahahahahah...

Anon19742827d ago

What a ridiculous article. Kinect "hacks" are people who are buying Kinect to use it for other purposes other than to just playing Dance Revolution. They're buying Kinect and simply using it for other purposes. A Kinect "hack" isn't opening the Xbox 360 up to ruin the online experience, enable rampant piracy and potentially steal your credit card information.

Kinect hacks and Hotz stealing secure codes to leave the PS3 wide open to pirates while sitting back and taking money for it isn't even remotely the same thing.

LORD-PHOENIX2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

360 bans consoles millions of them )notoriously near the holiday season to accumulate more sales)
sony bans consoles not as much as 360 yet as downloading 40g games is more trouble than its worth but that could change if piracy becomes more global on ps3,you will see bans on microsofts scale

this is a lob sided article actually false and misleading article to misinform consumers and paint microsoft in a favourable light lol

ChristianGamer2827d ago

Everybody was on the poor hackers side when microsoft banned a million 360's and called it a greedy move. Now that the shoe is on sony's foot, hackers are the scum of the earth and the bans sony are doing are justified. *blind fanboyism facepalm*

Death2826d ago

Welcome to N4G.


AssassinHD2826d ago

I was not on the hacker's side when Microsoft banned those consoles. "Everybody" includes me, so that makes your first sentence an outright lie. I am pretty sure that is a sin.

DelbertGrady2826d ago


Sony fanboys are the biggest hypocrites on the Internet.

MrBeatdown2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Way to pull that one out of your ass.

Nothing like a gross generalization to help a troll get his weak point across.

For such a devoted troll, you're not very good at this.

solidjun52825d ago

"Sony fanboys are the biggest hypocrites on the Internet. "

No that belongs to you you twat.

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Octo12827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Dumb article. Didn't even needed to read it as I got the jist of it from the summary. PS3 hack and kinect hack are way different from each other. If the hack for the Kinect was for some reason able to be used for piracy,then it would be a whole different story.All the hack for the Kinect has been for control and effects.The whole MS "Come hack our windows phone and Kinect" "We loves it" is nothing more than a pathetic, hypocritical PR ploy.Despite MS saying "Look at us. Were cool." "We loves us some hackers." Yeah? Then if your so cool with it then stop banning 360's.

green2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I am not in favor of piracy but it is damn funny to see the level of hypocrisy on this sit. I just did a quick search and found these articles on N4G

Mass Effect 2 leaked to torrent sites

Look at people like Lordmarius a sony diehard defending the pirates with his comments but actively against geohot in the sony case.

Microsoft bans 1 million live accounts

Look at the 1st comment. Most of you fanboys are only against piracy when its your console of choice that is affected.
Look at the 1st comment.

Rainstorm812826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

lol way to pick two comments out of a slew of people....There were alot of people known to support ps3 against me2 leak as well.

Truth is fanboys will be fanboys, the rest of us gamers would be best to ignore them. Because there is just as much hypocrisy with all fanboys.

Remember the Wii being shyt to everyone , All of a sudden now kinect and move is the shyt.

Arksine2826d ago

Green, that hypocrisy goes both ways. Did you really have to go through the trouble of reseaching to know this?

Isn't it hypocritical for fanboys of one console to constantly call out fanboys of the other? Both exist.

Rainstorm81 has it right.

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