PS Move Heroes Shooter Gameplay Video - Clank

JI writes: "PlayStation Move Heroes is a game for the PlayStation Move catching a lot of attention and recently GameStop released their own early demo to the title. Fortunate enough to get my hands on it, gameplay video is here for your musing. If you missed the Ratchet and Sly gameplay be sure to give those a look after as well.

This video focuses on Clank's PS Move Shooter style gaming. Pull out the guns and buck it up in this game mode. The full game will let you play as other characters as well but the demo was limited to Clank."

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badz1492827d ago

the demo is amazing and the shooting feels so natural. i keep playing it over and over and I'm looking forward to this.

the Jak part of the demo is quite hard to master due to it being very sensitive to your every wrist movement down to the very small movement and the Bentley part also need a little while before you can get use to it because tbh, controlling that flying disc with the move feels so weird at 1st but yeah...I'm not expecting everything in the game to be perfect especially it's still in the demo.

all and all....DAY 1!!

egm_hiphopgamer2827d ago

INSTANT CLASSIC i love this game

Hitman07692827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

The shooting and Ratchet parts were the best from this demo by far. >

Kreyg2827d ago

Game is looking goood


I need to get on this demo.

SpaceSquirrel2827d ago

Sony should release it for everyone on the Playstation Store

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