Will the Uncharted film turn its back on the games?

Destructoid: The biggest (of many) red flags here is that Mr. Russel clearly doesn't really respect the Uncharted games as stories, or videogames as potentially moving narrative experiences. Saying that videogames are "not about a narrative embracing you emotionally" really speaks to how little he knows or cares about the medium. And who can blame him? He's a film director. I don't expect him to know about videogames. In fact, I'd more expect him to dislike, or even fear videogames, as videogames are slowly eclipsing film as the most popular form of entertainment in the Western world.

That said, if Mr. Russel were adapting a book, or even a television show, for the big screen, you can bet he'd have a very different attitude. Can you imagine if the team behind the Harry Potter movies publicly announced that they were planning on making the films more like The Sopranos? They'd never dream of doing that, for fear of turning off the source material's fan base. I guess Mr. Russel isn't as concerned about turning off Uncharted's millions of fans, or worse, maybe he doesn't understand that Uncharted's fans truly love the characters and the world on Uncharted, just as much as any Harry Potter fan loves the Potter-verse.

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Pozzle2828d ago

I keep hoping that when Russel talks about "family dynamics", he means Drake and Sully or Drake and Elena. I suppose they would consider each other "family" and, yes, these aspects are very important to the games. (Though maybe I'm being too optimistic in assuming that's what he means?)
With that being said, if that is indeed what Russel means when he talks about "family dynamics" then he should just clarify, instead of throwing around confusing sentences and worrying gamers. Because honestly, the more he talks about the movie, the more confused I become. I have no idea what sort of movie he's going for, but it doesn't sound like Uncharted. It doesn't really ound like anything, tbh.

Nitrowolf22828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

well if Marky Mark interview that confirmed Uncharted movie was any indication of what to come, then Drakes father will be in this.

idk what he is going for either.

If there are games that should be made into movies then i think Heavy Rain, MGS (this can be completely alt. to anything in MGS since MGS is such a diverse universe), Halo, and Killzone.
Never thought of a Uncharted movie considering the game offers everything you would expect from a movie (though heavy rain does to, but it would still make for a nice movie)

beavis4play2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i've read interviews with the director - and clearly, he's just using the name "uncharted" in hopes of generating buzz for his movie. what he's doing sounds so UNLIKE uncharted that i'm positive it'll be bad........ so bad that uwe boll would grimace in disgust.

ShinFuYux2828d ago

Naughty Dog should pull a Konami and say "We feel that this movie will be a risk to our franchise" and just put this movie in development hell for the next five years.

Xander-RKoS2828d ago

But its not and we all know it.

sam22362828d ago

Has the guy who wrote the article read up on the film because it's pretty fucking obvious that the film has turned it back on the games.

It'll be another Resident Evil. Expect Drake to gain psychic powers while Slipknot blasts their shitty 'music' in the background.

madpuppy2828d ago

sam2236, That is great! you really hit the nail on the head of how Hollywood just LOVES to ruin a great story. And the beauty of what they do? If it is a colossal flop, They (meaning the director and studio) can just use the old, worn out statement that Video games are just not cut out to be made into movies regardless of how much of "OUR TALENT" and "GENIUS" "WE" put into them.

There are a few classics that truly great Directors have made into great movies by being loyal to the Writer and his work. "The Godfather" comes to mind,
If you read the book and then watch the movie, it is almost verbatim to the point that there are scenes that loose their meaning unless you read the book. Now, Francis Ford Coppola Made a classic and all he did was work closely with Mario Puzo to translate the story properly to the big screen.

Why is it so hard for Mr. Russel to do that? Is the measure of his own talents so great that he cannot work with the original Creators to translate the story properly?
Does Mr. Russel think that he is a greater Director that F.F. Coppola??

In my opinion, and I could be wrong, after all, I am not a story teller or a movie director. But, Trying to take a story, and with brute force hammering it into something totally different rarely results in a great story, maybe (accidently) a good one, but, more likely a bad one.

Only time will tell.

Leonesaurus2828d ago

I'll I can say for anyone who even cares about this is: Hope for the best and expect the worse. That's all.

As for me, I'll gladly just keep playing the games I love and enjoy them for what they really are until the next sequel or spin-off emerges from the actual creators mind and hands.

These films will never satisfy me or hardly anyone else who truly loves the series because the Hollywood side never understands them or the audience that follows them. We've seen this more than enough times already in the past.

KRATOS-PS32828d ago

I have a slightly feeling that the Uncharted Movie won't be as good as the games are. And I'm huge Fan of Uncharted 2.

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