UBISOFT® And Xbox Live Announcement


"It’s always nice to get a bargain, every gamer loves them, so it’s great to see some of Ubisoft’s great titles getting a discount for the upcoming week.

"It may well inspire me to grab a few packs from the ones on offer, especially the HAWX’s ones, as that’s a favourite of mine.

"Make sure you take advantage of the offers, and stock up on some of the outfits as well for Splinter Cell Convictions Co-Op outfits. Have to look your best when fighting with your mates on live – don’t you?"

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Godem2825d ago

If I still owned GRAW... i'd buy them

gaminoz2825d ago

I don't have Gold anymore atm....Oh well.

Belgavion2825d ago

Loving these recent Deals Of The Week. Although it sort of makes me hesitant to buy new release arcade games and other Marketplace content upon release