TQcast: Killzone 3 Review

This is as perfect as it can get.Tuesday February 22, 2011, shouldn’t only be the release of Killzone 3; it should be a celebration for the best FPS game in existence. Look out, Killzone 3 is killing the competition, so make sure you are part of history.

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edwineverready2825d ago

Yes Another 5/5. a few more days and i will get red eyes like the helghast from playing kz3 to much. lol

UnSelf2825d ago

only 1 hr and 48 mins to the hour of reckoning

edwineverready2825d ago

yeah europe get's it a few days later. It is cool do last time it was the other way around.

crazyturkey2825d ago

Can't wait to buy it tomorrow.

electricshadow2825d ago

Just got the call from EB Games saying I can pick my copy up at 10. SO excited. Once my car gets out of the repair shop, I'm going straight home.

KratosGod32825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

WTF is going on with the disagrees???
Xbots butthurts:)

Focker4202825d ago

Ya, I don't really see how you could disagree w/ what he had just said.

Optical_Matrix2825d ago

Doesn't come out in Europe until friday but shopto are processing my pre-order at the moment. Judging by the fact I got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 two days before release, same should happen with Killzone 3. Can't wait!

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