Killzone 3 And BulletStorm Fight For Bragging Rights

NERDSociety writes "Sony’s PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3 will finally come out tomorrow. But Epic Games (Gears Of War) countered by releasing Bulletstorm on the same day. So which one will gamers buy? From friends I talked to, they’re buying both. Both games are FPS but they play totally different."

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THC CELL2825d ago

bulletstorm looks like a crappy unreal game with cheesy quotes

Xwow20082825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I think bulletstrom will be a good game,but KZ3 is my most anticipated fps this gen..ill play both at the end :)

KRATOS-PS32825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I would not say it that hard to be honest. It's one of the better Shooters out there and new a franchise. Killzone 3 is an exclusive and should not be compared to Bulletstorm. I won't buy Bulletstorm. I'm all for Killzone 3 but that does not mean BullSt. is not a good game too.

r1sh122825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Bulletstorm is nothing to do with reality, its made to be over the top and stupid.
Bulletstorm is purely for fun and so called 'skill shots/combos etc...'
Killzone 3 will be a great game, but its fighting a multi plat game.
Thats like saying killzone will beat the next call of duty (sales not quality of game).
The great thing about both of the games, they had beta/demos which helped sell their cases to potential customers.
After playing both demos I put both on pre order, I dont think I will be buying games without a demo/beta anymore. (apart from GTA)

redsquad2825d ago

BULLETSTORM is supposed to be "corny" and "cheesy" so gets forgiven by reviewers.
Fair enough.

KZ3 is supposed to be a "big-budget action movie" which places well orchestrated set pieces over all else but gets "tut tutted" and repeatedly kicked by reviewers.
Hardly fair at all.

Ju2825d ago

^^ See that is wrong with reviewers. How can a game get knocked for having the bigger production value. If at all, that should put it ahead.

Muffins12232825d ago

Dont worry,bulletstorm well outbrag it in sales............

jadnice2825d ago

If you going to do sales... I hope you understand you can only compare it to the PS3 version and not total sales since that span two systems.

Quality wise... an aged and piss poor Unreal Engine (BulletStorm) just cannot compare to KZ3 graphics and physics level.

Muffins12232824d ago

yea i know,hal oreach woudl of also sold more than black ops on all t(pc,ps3,xbox360) because black ops sold more on 360 than ps3 and pc and halo reach outsold it on xbox360....why dident killzone 2 outsold call of duty modern warfare on ps3?ITs sales where horrible

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

When the quality is sucking they're coming with sales. Sad when u care more for sales than on the actual game.

Philoctetes2825d ago

KZ3 will out-sell Bulletstorm on the PS3 by at least five to one. Maybe more.

holdmyown832825d ago

i think ima just get both as i cannot decided which to choose

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

If you have a PS3 I would strongly recommend to buy Killzone 3. Bulletstorm is Fun - But Killzone 3 is EPIC

holdmyown832825d ago

yea im go out in a few and get kz3 and bulletstorm on 360

Ju2825d ago

Bulletstorm can be fun. Later when it drops to $30-$40.

With KZ3, Crysis (maybe), Motorstorm Apocolypse, Socom4 and Resistance 3 all before middle of the year, it will have a hard time for $60 - on the PS3 at least.

Raendom2825d ago

I'm getting KZ3, it's still has the in-your-face fun with the jetpacks, mechs, WASP etc. I asbolutely LOVED the demo, and I actually didn't really care for KZ1 or 2. Plus been playing the beta with bots for hours!

Bulletstorm is a purchase when it's cheaper (this Christmas, for £5-£10 on Steam, you can quote me on that).

Spinal2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I got Killzone 3 collectors on the way. I don't see anything Good about Bulletstorm the last thing I need is an 'Arcade' shooter.

I'm pretty sick to death of the sheer amount of shooters coming already. I cant wait for games like Diablo 3, Dark Souls and Infamous 2. We need some different games.

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