Comparing Amnesia and Penumbra

Player Affinity writes: "Back in 2010, a Swedish independent developer named Frictional Games released a survival horror game by the name of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It featured no combat, and rather, asked you to survive against unknown horrors in an eighteenth century castle by hiding, running, and general problem solving. It was a huge success for an independent title, selling over 200,000 copies on digital distribution sites, and winning several Game of the Year awards, including some over here at Player Affinity. To some, this is the first title from Frictional Games they've seen, those who have followed Frictional before Amnesia, know of their earlier series, Penumbra. Unsurprisingly, the Penumbra games are very similar to Amnesia, from the need for low gamma settings to the stealth gameplay. This is why it's interesting to see just how similar these games are."

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