The Many Lives in Grand Theft Auto IV

Natetodamax writes, "Rockstar's 2008 entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise proved to be one of the best due to its improved visuals/physics and the likable, believable protagonist Niko Bellic who finds himself caught up in a riveting story. But one of the truly glorious things about Grand Theft Auto IV is the fact that it allows the player to explore various aspects of life. It allows us to have many different lifestyles, from the criminal lifestyle to that of a maniacal stuntman, if you will. Recently, I spent several hours exploring Liberty City with a group of friends in the game's Free Roam multiplayer mode, which got me thinking of the many ways I've spent my time with the game. I hope to shed some light on these different "lifestyles" in the following paragraphs, so I implore you--join me, as I take a trip down memory lane and examine the messed up activities I dabbled in in the most dangerous city in America."

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Redempteur2825d ago

hum the "criminal part" is how i got the 5 star trophy.

fun times

GodsHand2825d ago

Me too, but all I did was walk into a burger shot, shoot a civilian, and wait it out blasting cops trying to come into the place, but wait what's that a car is in the way of the entrence, and they don't know how to hop over, pure classic, it did remind me of Cletus from the Simpsons movie, where he tried to throw a dead animal into the lake, and kept on bumping into the wall.

Redempteur2825d ago

Well it's easier in the hospital since you can heal .

electricshadow2825d ago

I started a new game of GTA IV yesterday. I fricking love this game so much. I've beat it four times and I've beat the expansions twice. It's one game I'm never selling.

R2D22825d ago

GTA 4 was one of 2 games that I ever got hyped about and the game was garbage.

So [email protected]#k off R* and give me My San Andreas 2