New Command & Conquer game plans drawn up

A shiny new Command & Conquer title is in the works – or maybe it’s not. A website announcing the game was being developed by new startup Victory Games was briefly left out in the open, before being swiftly hidden away again.

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wallis2824d ago

If you want the command and conquer experience go out and buy the first decade. If it isn't in that pack don't even bother with it. The franchise is dead, Generals was it's dying words, command and conquer 3 was the blood draining from its face, red alert 2 was its stiffening flesh and cold touch and command and conquer 4 was the final and unflattering voiding of its bowels.

JsonHenry2824d ago

I've literally been playing CnC since they very day it hit store shelves back in the mid 90s. ( I was 12 when it came out I think )

It is my all time fave RTS brand. And I happen to think that Red Alert 2 (and 3) were very good as well as CnC3 and Generals with the Zero Hour expansion was the best multiplayer experience to be had in the CnC franchise.

wallis2824d ago

Ahhhh I must apologize, I meant red alert 3 not red alert 2. Red alert 2 was a great staple in the franchise and one of the best entries.

It's sequel on the other hand was like watching my mother get raped. They completely misunderstood the appeal of the franchise and butchered it mercilessly. It was as if you had asked a room full of twelve year olds what they'd like to see in a game.

"A GUN THAT SHOOTS POLAR BEARS" (for those unfamiliar with the title... yes that appears).

And I'm sorry, whilst Generals is a good game it doesn't fit in with the universe. Just EA cashing in on the franchise.

Alright I was a bit harsh on CnC3 but my point remains. If you want a CnC experience buy the first decade. CnC3 is a FUN game but unlike Tiberian Sun or red alert 2 it's hardly a leading example of the genre.

No matter how much you try and defend these games though, what happened to this franchise was one of the worst crimes in the history of video games. A hard working succesful development company got munched up by EA and nothing but cash ins have been pumped out ever since. CnC4 was utterly shameless in its betrayal of everything Westwood worked hard to make.

JsonHenry2824d ago

Generals single player/story/universe is lame. But I still feel it gave the most diverse and satisfying multiplayer experience to date. Especially with the Zero Hour expansion.

I will agree with your last statement though- CnC4 is an abomination of the of the series. When they had the fan club owners summit they were told back then, before the game even launched, that it sucked hairy donkey nuts. But EA released that P.O.S. then had the balls to acted surprised at all the negative reviews. THEY KNEW it was going to be horrible. WTF were they thinking?

Only once in my life was I ever happy that people got fired from their jobs. And that one time was when most of the people responsible for CnC4 got the axe.

tdrules2824d ago

It will be fucking hilarious if they decide to release it for consoles because they think the poor sales for 4 wasn't because it was a stinking piece of shit

JsonHenry2824d ago

I want to cry every time I think of just how badly they screwed up CnC4. :(

sonicsidewinder2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Bet you anything when it comes to the developer diarys they say something along the lines of.

"C&C 4 was recieved well by the most part...but we've decided to take the game in another direction; back to the originals."

Then i'll laugh at their idiotic lies, and not buy the game.

plb2824d ago

Still remember playing the originals on PC. Great times.

OmniAtlas2824d ago

C&C was great until westwood was bought out. The sweet memories.

sonicsidewinder2824d ago

In the end... Tib Sun was the best.

Multiplayer 2vs2/4for all - Map: 'Pink Moon' = Sick Awesome Battle!

Red Alert 3 signalled the demise. And as for C& wouldn't pick up dogshit from the pavement would you?

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