My Fellow Gamers, Please Don't Help Geohot, We Don't Need Another PSP

My fellow gamers, please do the right thing and don't donate a cent to Geohot or any hacker for that matter. When you donate, you become part of the problem, not the solution. Some of you don't understand the ramifications of the PS3 hacking. Let me draw you a picture.


Added links to real gaming related charities.

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GSpartan7772827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

You guys know who could definitely use the money more than him.

Child's Play Charity - http://www.childsplaycharit...

Indie developers at Kickstarter -

or 8-bit funding -

Your money is better off there. Since it's allowed to promote personal donations on N4G I don't see what's wrong with promoting donations to charity and indie developers.

Criminal2827d ago

I second that. Thanks for adding the links.

ImHereNow2827d ago

so your telling me what to do with MY OWN MONEY?

BattleAxe2827d ago


Shut the hell up LOL

Shadow Flare2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

He's telling you that a more worthy cause for your money would be helping children with leukaemia or helping starving people who have to scrape the ground for grains of rice, not helping a dkhead (who got otherOS taken away) to make piracy on ps3 mainstream

If you're going to spend money supporting a cause, at least support something that matters

NateCole2827d ago

ImHereNow. Did he hold a gun to your head?.

willie322827d ago

@ imherenow

You are a tool!

evrfighter2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

So I take it you sent those links out to sony as well?

How about write them a letter and ask them to donate some of their billions to charity. As it stands the last person they donated to was geohot in the amount of 1 dollar.

Nice try playing the moral card though.

ChickeyCantor2827d ago

"You are a tool!"

Irony at its finest.


agree with you there,
People should support what they believe in.
No one should project their believes on others.

Sono4212827d ago

evrfighter if you reply to this post once more I will send in those links to Sony :D

Seriously though troll your are completely going around the point he is making with that comment, just grow up. Theres a reason you have one bubble.

MAiKU2827d ago


Are you stupid? Major companies like Sony make charity donations all the time. Sometimes it's the heads of the companies that do it in their name or in their company's name.

It's not just sony, other companies such as microsoft, nintendo, apple, law firms, food chains, blah blah blah, all fund or make a donation in some other form to charities and non profit organizations (usually yearly). Sony is more than a game company and maybe you should look at the charitable actions of them as a whole and not just the division.

Come to think of it, when the hell has geohot did anything in such fashion?

Bear_Grylls2827d ago

It's wrong but I would kill Geo given half a chance a fully loaded Ak47.

Waste of valuable breathing air.

RememberThe3572826d ago

Your an idiot if you don't think Sony donates to charities.

Google "Sony Donates" and see what shows up...

ian722826d ago

@ ImHereNow,
I agree with the others that said "you are a tool", 'cause when I come to think about it "you are a tool".

Scary692826d ago

@ ImHereNow

You damn right we telling you how to spend your money if you are in N4G we have every right to do so now stfu.

Could not agree more. Rather then supporting the douche bag that all he is doing is ruining the future of gaming, use the money donated to this moron into something worthy.

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Nitrowolf22827d ago

much more useful then Geo case. It's sad because people would rather support a hacker then save lives.

Criminal2827d ago

It is sad. And, I'm sure in the end, he'll get more donations than many charities. I hope I'm wrong, though.

antihiroprotagonist2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


It's actually sad that nine people were fuckwitted and idiotic enough to agree with your pandering and short sighted sensibilities. The matter isn't mutually exclusive; deciding to donate to Geohot doesn't mean you're deciding not to save someone's life. Nitrowolf - everyday that you drive your car instead of using the gas money to send to starving children in Africa; you are killing those children. You're all murderers, so make sure you donate to every cause you can, otherwise you're to blame.


On another note, I have a modded psp and I bought Peace Walker and Tactics Ogre and had to download patched isos because my legit copies didn't work with custom firmware.

Recently I've even heard news of people modding Oblivion on their PS3s and getting Linux working again. Hacking is a good thing - support it people. Piracy sure as fuck didn't kill the wii or the 360 and the only reason it "killed" the psp is because of chicken shit developers and a lack of solid titles later in the lifecycle.

Jockamo2827d ago

And you'd rather buy and play games then donate your money to charity and save lives.

Stop w/ the bogus analogies.

If people believe that Geohot has been wronged, they have every right to support him.

MasterChief36242827d ago

Well with that edit, we now know what side you're playing for. Good job destroying any integrity your comment previously had, as little value as it might have held.

morganfell2827d ago

Adding /s to your comments when they are not sarcastic isn't fooling anyone nor is it an excuse.

ChickeyCantor2827d ago

Anti still makes a good point.
People are overreacting and dramatize the shit out of this.

Most of the people don't even donate anything yet they pretend to be a fucking moral god.

StbI9902827d ago

Man, this kid makes me so mad...

Fortunato il asino questo di non essere è vivere in mio paese, Zu zu, lo farei baketeado in un venticello. In seguito li applico ´l´incubo di suo vita... vergogna...L´ciuffo di gente che rigurgitare questo ragazzo, fammi nonostante piu follo...

In resume, F U GEOHOT.

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Dante1122827d ago

I kind of find it ironic that hackers and pirates would rather pay money to steal games, than buy them. I mean, that 20 could've aleast brought you a used game. Sadly in the end they are only hurting the gaming industry more.

Ducky2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

It's because the people donating aren't necessarily doing it to make pirating possible (or even trying to support piracy).

Rather most donations would probably be from those that believe that this is a case for 'freedom of speech' and 'consumers rights' and whatnot.

rajman2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Not to sound like a d*ck but those people who donate to him will are doing it so he doesnt stop with the hacking, and so that they can carry on with pirating. So why would they donate to charities which wont help them with hacking?
Im not for pirating by any means btw!
edit: lol here they come with the disagrees. You trolls are stupid, these hackers only care about piracy, not donating to charities which will gain them nothing...gosh

Hitman07692827d ago

GenoStrike bubble bubble bubble for u!

AhnnQuirajj2827d ago

I've donated to all of them since I saw these links, £30 between them.

Mr Hotz also got £10!

Jezuz2827d ago

The PSP is a great game console but hacking the PSP gave it more homebrews and stuff at the cost of piracy. If there wasn't any method of pirating games for the PSP and there was only homebrews then it would certainly be awesome such as this one homebrew which would let you play your games in 3D

MAiKU2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I wouldn't give the guy any money at all. Even if it was in good intention. Just like how his hack wasn't done for piracy it none the less helped it grow for various devices.

TBM2827d ago

i would never help that douche bag hacker. you have nothing to worry about there.

radphil2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


Wow who were the 5 punks that disagreed with you there?

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Nitrowolf22827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

This is just getting ridiculous, how many articles do we need about this guy?

dammit give me some real news about gaming and not about hackers. Killzone 3 is out tomorrow (USa) where is all the coverage for that????

Criminal2827d ago

I agree, he's not worth it, but I think gamers should be aware of their actions.

OllieBoy2827d ago

But if we don't post more geohot articles, he'll do another rap to get more attention again.

The outcome will suck either way :(

sobekflakmonkey2827d ago

Yeah, jesus christ that was THE WORST thing i have ever seen in my life, it just made me wanna kick his fuckin teeth in.

GSpartan7772827d ago

It's unfortunate but these small blog websites take advantage of the situations and abuse N4G for hits. These articles are all aimed at N4G and despite the mindless comments that get posted, they still bring in sufficient hit for these sites to continue pressing the issue.

One site reports something, the other tells their thoughts and another site tries to counter the other site's points. So it becomes a forum discussion done through different articles.

coolasj2827d ago

America Hates GT5

America Doesn't hate GT5

Except this is on a larger scale.

karl2827d ago

this is more important than many game news..

this actually will affect the industry somehow..

i dont like the geohot donation articles.. they just spread the news

but this one in particular opposing geohot .... i think its good

JD_Shadow2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

So an opinion article ABOUT Geohot is only good if it's speaking out AGAINST him?

Awesome! Let's not judge an article based on if they brought actual valid POINTS to their article, but based on whose side they took! Let's just be closed minded to everything and follow our leaders like blind sheep!

[email protected]: I know what the article said! I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about you're little comment:

"i dont like the geohot donation articles.. they just spread the news

but this one in particular opposing geohot .... i think its good"

You don't like the articles that are pro-geo, but anti-geo articles are fine to flood N4G with. I'm calling you out on your hypocrisy, and you turn it into me disagreeing or agreeing with anything. I'm telling you that the way you THINK it should work is not how it DOES work! Not everyone agrees with you, and not everyone is going to agree with this article. That's just life, and you have to DEAL with that. That's how stuff works. You don't have to agree with them, but you have to understand that when people have different opinions, it's within their right to have them. Just like it's within their right if they want to donate to Hotz. You may not like it when and if they do, but what can you really do about it? You're whining because some people support him.

Learn to respect!

karl2827d ago

lol dude..
the article was quite simple

"dont support hacking with your money"

dont know wtf u r thinking but.. can u really dissagree with that?

and i said that i didnt like when they posted articles that linked to the donation webpage of geohot .. thats like supporting a hacking..

now that the news and links are outthere... this article seems pretty reasonable to me

beavis4play2827d ago

karl - that sounds like good common sense to me. bubbles from me.

karl2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

last bubble
dude.. u are totally overreacting...
u say i need to respect but im just stating my opinion..

this hackers start yelling about freedom of speech and do whatever they like with their property but i cant comment on my opinion?

and u attack me for it? while defending one of them? xD
i think u didnt like what i said and u need to learn to deal with it...

and maybe i said it wrong since english its not my first language but i meant to say that i was against article promoting donations for geohot, not any geohot pro article.. jut the ones that try to help him keep doing what he does for piracy, even though the doesnt pirate anything himself...

and dude.. i never told u to shut up.. i just replied to your comment, u can give me the same courtesy next time.. and before u say i never said that, yes u did.

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beavis4play2827d ago

dark - you're the proverbial "pot calling the kettle black".
since you've been on the site your posts are ALWAYS anti-sony and your posts on this geo subject (regardless of what an article says) is ALWAYS in favor of seem pretty close-minded as well. i guess you should get fitted for some dark glasses and join the rest of the "blind sheep".

JD_Shadow2827d ago


Since I've been on the site, I've ALWAYS been anti-sony?

And...HOW long have I actually BEEN on this site (since 2008)? Did you really check my comment history? All 2000+ of them? Spanning three years? Hmmmm?

You REALLY need to check your facts about me before you go accusing me of anything. This is the THIRD time now you've just blindly accused me of something when you haven't had a clue! I mentioned the WoW mods, and you accused me of cheating in WoW. You accused me of always being anti-Sony when it's clear to anyone who actually DID the research that such is not the case, and there was another time which you accused me of something that was highly inaccurate (forget what you exactly brought up, but you were wrong there, too).

Seriously, think and research before you post!

beavis4play2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

dark - your posts are always consistent. after being on here for awhile, the themes of your posts are very predictable based on the topic of the thread . that's why i remember you and others like you.
you try to come off as the pseudo intellectual who thinks he's better than everyone else. your calling other posters "kids" is a perfect example of this. i could bring excerpts from posts you've made in the last 24 hours to illustrate what i wrote above is true - but you KNOW what you posted.
your a hypocrite - you ask others to do what you won't do.

i'm right on everything i said(not because i'm always right but because your posts reflect what i've said) i'm not attacking you - you can say whatever you want. we all are entitled to our own opinions - but don't act like your behavior is somehow better or you're more informed than anyone else on a given thread. and even if you DO have some relevant info, you always come from a predetermined bias.

as far as the WoW mods - i stand by what i think. as i said then, i DON'T play that game and don't pretend to know how it's played; however, IF i did play - i would want to play against people on a level playing field.....NOT the way you suggested.
i'd respond to this supposed 3rd time - but you don't list it. funny how you can't remember what it was - ONLY that i was wrong. this statement just goes to further show my accuracy in what i've been saying.

i didn't realize you couldn't take honesty. how about this? i'll just ignore you. that way you won't have to be bothered with me - nor i you when it comes to posting in threads.

feel free to PM me if you want to respond to my comments. - i never block anyone.

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Silly gameAr2827d ago

You don't have to worry about me donating one red cent.

alphakennybody2827d ago

poeple are giving way too much credit with these kibd of post.