Epic: Gears 3 beta news coming this week

OXM UK: Epic Games has confirmed that news on the Gears of War 3 beta will be arriving this week, following earlier hints from Major Nelson.

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NoobJobz2856d ago

Crap. I thought the announcement was gonna be a new game.

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Tinasumsum2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

"cool news that I'm not quite fully briefed on, but we have a lot of news that we're going to be announcing. Just telling you guys"


You have comments in this article. Did you read it by any chance?

Your comment history hints at stealth trolling. You know people have pretended to own a 360 before or own a 360 but very loyal to Sony.

NoobJobz2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Who, me? Are you kidding? I've played over 250 360 games and only 4 ps3 games. I had 3 xbox 360s at once at one point. I've sold my ps3 3 times because I never played it. But yet I'm loyal to Sony? Lmao. Got 360 launch day and have had one ever since. Total games owned on 360 either currently or previous= 100+. Total ps3 games owned previously or currently= 0. Bought 360 adpater to play ps3 with a xbox controller.Try again.

Tinasumsum2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

If you read the first article you wouldn't have posted that comment in here. I don't know what you own nor do I care. I can only comment on what I can see with my own eyes.

The only way I know of you is because you let us know you either hate Kinect, think Microsoft is wasting their time with Kinect and you think the lineup is weak before they even announce what they have in store.

NoobJobz2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )


Wrong yet again. Have a kinect and actually highly enjoy dance central.

That's what you get when you make assumptions. Don't guess what I like or do not like unless I flat out come out and say I don't like it.

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Bnet3432856d ago

They'll def. be announcing when it's going to start.

Raven_Nomad2856d ago

I'm sure it'll be more then a beta announcement. Anyway, Cant wait till the midnight launch tonight! BulletStorm is so much fun.
Would definitely rather play something fresh like this, then something generic, I mean there is this "game" coming out the same day as BulletStorm and honestly, if you just got handed a controller, you seriously wouldn't even know WTF game it was.

Generic is the name of that game, gimmie something fresh any day and throw in a Gears 3 beta as well? SWEEEEET!

Cajun Chicken2856d ago

You'd rather play this than something generic? Why the heck are you looking forward to a limited beta for the multiplayer section of the next installment for the most generic franchise in the universe?

Raven_Nomad2856d ago

Gears isn't generic in the least, the characters are very well developed and I enjoy their story much more then almost any other game, aside from Halo maybe.

I know it all comes down to opinion, but I simply love the Gears Single player. AMAZING! As for BulletStorm, I don't have the game till Midnight, but the demo rocked and I cant wait to play through it.

Cajun Chicken2856d ago

What I meant to say here. That your generic argument is double sided. I don't really, honestly looking now like the wafer thin characters and dialogue and people built like brick s**t houses as in games such as Gears and Killzone because they both do exactly the same in scriptwriting and lack of character development, the occasional millaritaristic, "Woo! We got them! (enter swearword)". It distracts from the game in hand.

Bulletstorm despite is a game covered in humour and not about a war balancing war and life and death in dark times as Gears and Killzone do. It just looks like a brilliant self parody. I'm betting it will be better than Killzone 3 AND the Gears game combined because face it, aside from nice gameplay and decent game mechanics, neither excel at anything else to take the games characters and universe seriously.

Bathyj2856d ago

Your response is generic. Latching on to a lesser, competing, (multiplatform) title because Sony has AAA game coming out.

How'd Pure work out for you? How was Prototype. Have fun with Banjo? At least that one was exclusive, but still just trying to mentioned in the same sentence as its PS3 counterpart and then quickly forgotten.

Look, I dont blame you, you're just reacting to Killzone coming out, the exact same way Epic is for even mentioning Gears right now. I mean they've had all year so far to talk about it, but they wait till the day KZ launches to bring it up. But I'm sure the Xbox crowd will rally around Bulletstorm as well. And then quickly forget it.

Raven_Nomad2856d ago

I own a PS3, I just don't like the Killzone series. I love how Sony fans are all up in arms because of exclusives, I like some of them, but honestly, most of their exclusives don't interest me.

BulletStorm is getting great reviews and the demo was actually fun, unlike the Killzone 3 demo.

Biggest2856d ago

Where are the Bulletstorm reviews? No one is posting them anymore. I've seen the Killzone reviews and played both the Killzone and Bulletstorm demos. Killzone is great and offers multiple gameplay aspects. Bulletstorm is what it is and offers mindless repeating gameplay.

Lelldorianx2856d ago

I'm glad N4G has stooped to approving announcements about announcements.


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