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UK exclusive review of Fight Night Champion on Xbox 360.

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GuruStarr782829d ago

excellent a boxing fan and a fan of fight night since it was known initially as knockout kings, I'm looking forward to this game more than the next zelda game, uncharted III, Infamous II or halo remake...put together.........looks like its going to be something special...its a shame that this article only got to 10 degrees, so others won't be able to read it here on N4G, but I'm glad I did.......good job, brother.

TimmyShire2829d ago

People don't seem to care about anything but PS3 exclusive shooters round these 'ere parts.

Shame, too.

Feckles2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Agree with the previous poster. Good review, deserves to be higher on N4G.

Looks like I'll be getting the game too.

TimmyShire2829d ago

I missed out on Fight Night Round 4 but Champion looks absolutely outstanding. Looking forward to trying it.