Jon Ventures into: Moratoriums

My DVR is both a gift and a curse, taking care to record all of all my weekday television needs but making me complacent in what I watch. Yesterday I decided to stray away from my usual path and check out a few episodes of NBC’s Community at the recommendation of a friend, and was happily surprised with the witty repartee and deadpan humor from the ensemble cast including Chevy Chase and Joel McHale, whose half-assed attempt at contemporary humor on E! I find almost as bad as my own. One episode in particular stood out and made me cringe at the very sight of the characters’ exchanges though, because they were made in the presence of character sheets and d20’s. If you don’t know what a d20 is, chances are your social life from middle school throughout college was a robust experience fit for a John Hughes film. On the other hand, if your d20 is securely hidden away in your custom felt bag awaiting a nostalgic Facebook message from your old DM, then you too played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons… whether you’d like to admit it or not. I would not.

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