Games and Controversy. Bringing In the Publicity.

GP Editor DanCurtis writes, "Games are evil. Games are the devil incarnate wrapped in the fires of Hades. At least, according to some people they are. Countless media outlets over the years have denounced a huge variety of games as being unacceptable. The speaker often claims that aspects of the game are too violent, too out-there, or too alien-sexy for their liking. What does this do ladies and gentlemen? Well, quite ironically, all this moaning about the aspects of a game simply does one thing: gives the game much more publicity than it would have gained normally. Game developers probably now all sit round their tables and say 'You know what, let's just put something in there to annoy the media.'. Thing is, this seems to be a brilliant marketing strategy. The old phrase 'No news is bad news' seems more apt than ever with the videogame industry as more often than not the incredible media excrement-storm that descends upon the videogaming world does nothing except show the ignorance of the speaker when relating to the game and also serves as nothing more than a free way for the game companies to publicize their product to a wider audience."

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