The Love Hate Relationship that is Starcraft II

GP blogger Jazzersi writes, "I have had Starcraft II since release day, and I have loved playing it without a doubt. Without wanting to write a review, it is a solid RTS with a fun and good story line and with a highly competitive but, generally, thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer. Now as much as I enjoy Starcraft I certainly do have a love/hate relationship with it, amplified by other people that I pit my wits against online. I am not a very good player, currently sitting about half way down the lowest bronze league for 1v1, but I have always made a point of never doing what is referred to as "cheesing", and it is this "cheesing" which mostly makes up the hate part of Starcraft and myself's relationship"

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Simco8762827d ago

Starcraft II is a great game, but people do take it too seriously. I mean 12 hours a day is a little too much.

Unless you live in Korea

captain-obvious2827d ago

cant wait to play heart of the swarm

plb2827d ago

I enjoyed the campaign but multiplayer um I dunno I tend to get raped in it lol.

ironhammers2827d ago

The cheesing tactics mentioned are actually very easy to overcome -- so long as you see them coming. Getting information about what your opponent is doing is half of the game.

When playing a Protoss you should always be checking your base for pylons that could power canons... and when playing a zerg, you should always be scouting their base to ensure they're not 6-pooling.

If you spot either of these, it's easy to stop. Wall in with buildings against a 6-pool and one marine can take care of 6 zerglings... or, taking out a proxy pylon with SCVs can stop a conon rush before it even starts. :)

Hope that helps a little

Letros2827d ago

"Getting information about what your opponent is doing is half of the game."

Well said

Xof2827d ago

I love how no one ever dares to break the unwritten role: "Never criticize top-level developers for crappy storytelling."

Starcrat II's campaign was just as half-assed and shallow as Dragon Age, but apparently Blizzard and Bethesda are both beyond reproach.