Will the next Call of Duty game live up to expectations?

Looking at recent developments in the Call of Duty franchise and it's history, we consider whether the next game will really be on par the rest.

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lociefer2825d ago

lol what expectations ?

Bloodyghost2825d ago

Agree. After Black Ops I almost do not care about the series altogether unless they say "We did something new" then showed me it then makes it not turn into a lag, hacking, and bugged COD.

Also too many better games coming out.

metsgaming2825d ago

If the expectations are to be a horrible game that is overrated and sells alot of copies then yes it will.

BattleAxe2825d ago

600p resolution.....yeah it sure will live up to expectations

gravemaker2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

no, but most of you will still buy it

Tommykrem2825d ago

I don't know, will it be more or less identical to MW2?

sashimi2825d ago

Well judging by the quality of BO the quality can only go down.

Tommykrem2825d ago

(unless your post was sarcastic, I don't even know anymore)
They said that for CoD4 too, and they were sort of right. Which is why the last four CoD games have followed the exact same recipe.

xtremexx2825d ago

the expectation are for it to be the same thing over AND OVER again.

TXIDarkAvenger2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

By expectations, I hope you mean getting a lot of money cause thats all Activision cares about.

And I'm gonna admit that i'll end up buying anyways just like all the others who hate CoD. But if MW3 isn't good and just like the rest of CoD titles then screw CoD forever and I'll just play Gears of War 3 or Battlefield 3. *EDIT* Actually theres tons more titles come this year and next year and CoD isn't up there.

electricshadow2825d ago

So, you hate the CoD franchise yet you still buy the games? I'm confused. The last CoD game I bought was MW2 which I bought purely out of hype. I returned it in less three months. I knew Black Ops was going to the be exact same so I just rented it for the single player.

TXIDarkAvenger2825d ago

I started off at CoD 3 for Wii but it didn't have the online experince. Than I got MW2 on Xbox which was actually fun and then when I got Black Ops it just felt alike, actually even worst although it had zombies. So pretty much I hate CoD but I buy it because I know all my friends will buy it and I want to play with them and this would only be my 3rd online CoD game so its different compared to many others who bought CoD 4/WaW and the other titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.