A brief history of the first person shooter

Would you believe that the first person shooter genre of video games has been around for more than a quarter century? As history would have it, it all started in 1974 with the short first person sci-fi game Spasim. The game was actually a 32-player three-dimensional networked computer game by Jim Bowry and was the precursor to the 1980 first person Atari classic Battlezone.

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Cajun Chicken2850d ago

The video has UT and Quake III mixed up.

SactoGamer2850d ago

You're totally right. Good catch.

meetajhu2850d ago

Idsoftware gave birth to fps and 3d graphics. They will rule the gaming industry with Rage

Sean Ryno2850d ago

Doom 1 and 2 were not truly 3D. Just sayin'.

meetajhu2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

quake 1 was the first videogame to be fully 3d. Wolf 3d was the first game in 3d world. Just sayin'

Smacktard2850d ago

Good vid, but I can't believe there's no mention of Counter-Strike!

LightofDarkness2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Yeah, you kind of missed a few landmarks there. Quake saw the birth of true 3D engines AND the immense popularization online multiplayer, it was much more important than Quake 3. UT '99 popularized teamplay, Tribes brought vehicles and custom loadouts long before they were en vogue, and Battlefield 2 revolutionized realistic shooters.

The rest was pretty much OK, but a lot of details were left out. Counterstrike put pro-gaming on the map!

Tuxmask552849d ago

It is called a BRIEF history of the FPS.

Primal Rex2850d ago

While im a huge Halo fan i have to disagree that halo proved that fps games could be done well on home console i think goledeneye on the N64 proved it first !!!

LightofDarkness2850d ago

Yeah, I even forgot about that. It also made the 4-player split-screen a staple.

Azfargh2849d ago

This "brief" video is really poor..

Skynetone2849d ago

no time spliters, no wolfenstein

great vid, maybe a bit short