Why Kinect isn't ready for an FPS

Megabits of Gaming considers whether Kinect is capable of - or ready for - an FPS aimed at more hardcore gamers. Right now, it doesn't seem to be. Megabits looks at some of the challenges the technology faces...

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ComboBreaker2825d ago

Kinect will never work with FPS.

Controller, Move, and Mouse/Keyboards are the best inputs available right now and they are not going to be replace anytime soon, meanwhile Kinect, due to its limitations, will just be forgotten.

Waiting for the Final Input: The Holodeck.

eggbert2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

kinect could work with on-rails. It wouldn't have the accuracy of Move/Mouse, but its about as accurate as the Wiimote in terms of on-rails accuracy. And with the great sales Kinect has been getting, I'd expect there are more than a few developers willing to make on-rails shooters for it.

The dance and sports genre of the kinect are already fairly crowded, so I'm expecting a bunch of on-rails shooters eventually.

DualConsoleOwner2825d ago

Latency is huggge for Kinect.

who wants to play fps with laggy controls??

darthv722825d ago

That was the way many looked at gaming in general. Yet look how far we have come from the bouncing "square" ball on the screen.

It takes the right creativity to make things happen. There are plenty of creative minds out there. Some on the other side of the computer screen reading this right now (not me).

Boundaries are meant to be pushed. If not then we would still be playing that square ball on the screen. You just have to have faith in this industry. If not in Kinect...then in the industry as a whole that things will get better.

Bigpappy2825d ago

So now Move and a mouse are on the same level?. Hahaha! You guys crack me up. It might be better than the wii, but a mouse? Hahaaaa... Hahahaaaaa!!!

badz1492825d ago

laggy control? no dude? it's the weight of the gun for the sake of realism LOL!!

Biggest2825d ago

Nice, Captain Kinect! Laugh at the superior accuracy of the Move (compared to other console motion controls) and ignore the weakness of the Kinect in that same area. But you are the Captain. I expect nothing less from you.

Kinect will be ready for a FPS as soon as they release a wand with a glowing ball on the end.

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NaiNaiNai2825d ago

they said the same thing about consoles year ago.

bluwulf2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


They said Controllers will never be as fast as KB/M.

Which they aren't.

Kinect will never work for FPS, because it literally has no buttons or way to control a characters basic moment. Maybe in a decade+ they will get kinect to work walking around at a gameplay speed. In another 5, maybe you can aim.. in 4-5 more, they can combine it all together.

Or they can just release Justin Beibers Dance A-Thon, and spend more on its advertising than r&d. And never worry about it.

which is more likely?

gamingdroid2825d ago

There is no reason we can't use controllers with Kinect as a hybrid system, but then again we never thought we could get FPS on console and look where we are now!

It's never about what we can't do, it's all about what we can do. Design the game around the control scheme.

When the first FPS for console came out, it was [email protected] All designed for the mouse and keyboard, just ported over with a few button mappings. Then Halo came out with a control scheme designed for the Xbox and voila the entire world essentially adopted consoles as the FPS system of choice!

Bojeeva2825d ago

A few years ago who would have thought we'd be controlling things on-screen without a controller? Kinect proves anything is possible... maybe an FPS is?!

eggbert2825d ago

eyetoy did the same no-controller thing back in the early 2000's.

Sure the technology is different (kinect is much more advanced), but its the same concept.

ChickeyCantor2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Concepts could be approached differently. Developed differently. Thus giving different RESULTS.

The word you were looking for was "essence"

"Sure the technology is different (kinect is much more advanced), but its the same in essence."

Kinect does things differently, so it allows for different approached which lead to different results.

ComboBreaker2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Kinect is a slightly different approach (using 3D camera instead of 2D), but the result is still the same.

On rail-shooters, scripted QTE gesture-based games, and dancing games.

gamingdroid2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Imagine people who told Bungie, a FPS on console isn't possible. We would never have had Halo today!

Design the game around the controller, not retro-fit it.

Masterchef20072825d ago

I will have to agree with you there. Because from what i have seen of kinect games they just seem to be a more advanced version of eye toy games. We still havent reached the level where you can reach out and grab something in game. The tech will get better as time goes along and i would not be surprised if later on in the future they come out with a better kinect. One with a higher rez and faster camera which would bring on more accurate and faster results than the current model.

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hoops2825d ago

Sega and Nintendo did it first back in the 80's and 90's....

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Fishy Fingers2825d ago

Competitive FPS is all about accuracy, I don't see kinect (or really any motion control device) ever competing with traditional input devices.

Bnet3432825d ago

Same here. I'll stick with standard controller or M+KB.

Biggest2825d ago

Try the Move with Killzone 3. You might change your mind a bit.

blackburn52825d ago

Just watch the clumsy vids with people trying to do FPSs with Kinect. Nuff said.

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