The Demise of Dead Space 2's Franco Delille: How Visceral Killed a Man in One Minute

Joystiq interviews Visceral Games and finds out how one gruesome minute of Dead Space 2 was made.

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slinky1234562829d ago

his death was pretty sweet in DS2

DannyDammit2829d ago

I love how the very first person you see die is the main character in his own game. Sets the tone... Nobody's safe.

AntoineDcoolette2829d ago

After playing Dead Space Ignition I was looking forward to seeing Franco in Dead Space 2. I really wish he had a little more screen time....

CobraKai2829d ago

I wish I played Dead Space Ignition. His death woulda been that much more awesome.

ShadowArchangel2829d ago


The first ending I received is the ending where he proceeds to shoot his girlfriend. So... from my point of view, he is a douche bag that deserved what he got. Of course, the other endings he was a nice guy, but first impression for me was pretty rough :P