9.4 Killzone 3 Review writes: Even before the infamous teaser trailer for "Killzone 2" was unveiled at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, many PlayStation 3 fans had placed the label of "'Halo' killer" on Guerrilla Games' console-exclusive first-person shooter series.

Unfortunately, when the game finally arrived in early 2009, it failed to live up to the considerable hype created by that E3 video. "Killzone 2" was a solid effort to be sure, but wasn't on the level of Bungie's Xbox 360-exclusive behemoth.

Now two years later, Guerrilla Games is ready to return to Helghan with "Killzone 3." And while it has taken longer than expected, PlayStation 3 owners can rejoice in knowing their "'Halo' killer" has arrived. "Killzone 3" is the real deal.

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edwineverready2827d ago

Two more days to go before me and my sharpshooter get to kill some helghast!!