YouTube channel could be coming to XBLA and PSN

Xbox 360 and PlayStation owners may have a special YouTube video channel to look forward to for their viewing pleasure. According to a recent job listing, YouTube is looking for a new Game Console Software Engineer to join its ranks at the video company’s San Bruno office in California.

The job listing states that the software engineer will be working on “the next generation game-console-based TV experience with You Tube video content,” and will “integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms.”

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bluwulf2825d ago

crazy, paying to use Youtube.

room4142825d ago

Doesn't anybody know about You can even download vids to your ps3 in hd and it hasn't crashed my browser once.

bluwulf2825d ago

no gaming journalists do.

Wenis2825d ago

Why don't you just use

It is the default Youtube site on the PS3's browser anyways...

room4142825d ago

Youtube xl is terrible. 280p resolution, can't see or make comments, awful interface. Why choose that over ps3youtube in hd with comments?

Dlacy13g2825d ago

Hulu and Netflix on both systems almost assured us that Youtube would make its way to the consoles. Hell, my phone has Youtube on it...only makes sense that my console does too.

Pixel_Enemy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I use youtube on my PS3 all the time already..

It's nice to show people a youtube video on your TV instead of crowding around a laptop screen with crappy speakers. Looks like XBL is playing catch up with this one.

Blaze9292825d ago

they're obviously talking about an official APP, not using it through a web browser.

Dlacy13g2825d ago

I agree, XBL definitely has been playing catch up with regards to Hulu for sure...and well Youtube too given you can use the browser to access it currently.

Aarix2825d ago

Yes on the browser it's a massive loss of quality and there's no way to change it cause it's using a old flash player.

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Da One2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

ps3 already has youtube..........granted a dedicated youtube app would be nice, ps3 web browser crashes to much

NukaCola2825d ago

The youtube website on Ps3 suck though. I would love the app that the bravia tvs and apple tv has. Its crystal clear.

metsgaming2825d ago

the normal youtube on the browser is horrible but you press on a tab i think its something like youtubexl. Its much easier to use that way

Pixel_Enemy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

yeah youtube xl is much better on the PS3 web browser. It is almost like an app.

Also, my web browser doesn't crash.. It did for one firmware but they fixed it.

Redempteur2825d ago

The wii with opera also handle youtube pretty well.

The ps3 broswer has torubles ( based from my own experience ) only when there is too much comments/add on the vid. still a free dedicated channel ( without too much ads ) isn't a bad idea

DEADEND2825d ago

I would love to have a Youtube app on the PS3 right now, I'd use it everyday.

a_bro2825d ago

best thing, we could play it in HD compared to that stupid PS3 web browser limiting that.

Allen462825d ago

there already is a ps3youtube site that plays in HD 720 or 1080p and its real HD you can also download in HD to your ps3's HDD. it's also got a gametrailers feed try it out

Serinous2825d ago

would be cool for PS3. i use my ps3 for almost everything now not just games but also tv, movies, music...etc

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