IGN: s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fun If You Suck at Fighting Games?

Daemon Hatfield: I suck at fighting games. I love them, I'm mesmerized by the insanity onscreen and I have immense respect for the skill it takes to master them, but I watch from the sidelines because I suck at them. Typically, these games don't do a great job of welcoming newcomers.

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SlickShoes2825d ago

It is a fun game, I tend to panic when playing online and end up button mashing but it doesnt do me any good at all.

Still with online mode and arcade mode the game doesn't have that much to offer once you have played through arcade mode 10 or more times, i expected the arcade mode to be a lot longer, 6 fights and then a boss was a bit underwhelming.

ApexHell2825d ago

my friend has never played a fighting game in his life and he was having a lot of fun playing it yesterday he picked up on the controls really fast.

Lamarthedancer2825d ago

It's pretty good I've played another fighting game before so I can't compare but I will admit I suck online and it's really fustrating.

Baka-akaB2825d ago

It's a good entry point , but let's not go crazy yet . At some point it does get more serious and competitive than if you say play a dragon ball or wrestling game .

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