1UP: 25 Things You Didn't Know about The Legend of Zelda

So you're a Nintendo fanatic. You've played all the Zelda games and you've explored every nook and cranny of Hyrule field. Think you know everything these is to know about Link and his adventures? Not so fast.

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NukaCola2829d ago

I actually knew a lot of this, and that breakfast cereal was awesome when I was a little kid. I also remmeber the hiiden room in LTTP, I thnk the person who 'owned the rupee room' was christopher something.
other fun facts are:

1.there were 3 zelda games released on philips cd-i to include seeds of evil, winds of gamleon, and zelda's adventure.

2. there is a remake in 16 bits of ocarina of time.

3. Oc of Time in Japan had less enemies in their dungeons and temples and harder puzzles.

Smacktard2829d ago

It was the Christopher Houlihan room... I can't believe I remember that >.>

But yeah, I knew a lot of these things too, but there were some really interesting things on the list!

NukaCola, that's the first time I've ever heard about the #3 you mention. Are you sure you aren't thinking of Master Quest?

ChickeyCantor2828d ago

You mean Master Quest?
That one is equally hard...imo

Lamarthedancer2828d ago

6) Link and Zelda are really Brother and Sister and thats why we have never seen them get it on...even though we've saved Hyrule and her life over and over again... :)

CrescentFang2828d ago

IIRC In Gametrailers' Pop Fiction series they found Chris Houlihan's room legitimately in the SNES and VC versions (the GBA version did contain the room but it was removed and unobtainable without a hacking device)

Super_ike2828d ago

i knew all of those, does that mine im the ultimate link fanboy ever......i doubt it.