Editorial: The Console War: Exclusivity

Gamertag Radio writes: "So we know that especially now, the console companies want to hold on to their exclusive titles. Those games are the ones that tend to put a console on the proverbial consumer map. Those are the games that you go out and by a system just to have. By giving up the exclusivity to certain franchises, they risk giving up that console seller. On the opposite side though, the majority of game developing companies want their franchises to go multi-platform. And on either side, the bottom line is profit.

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NYC_Gamer2828d ago

all 3rd party software should be multi in my opinion

Raendom2828d ago

Ehh, I dunno. I'd like to see what Rockstar and Square Enix do without DVD limitations.

kreate2827d ago

ah~ the DVD limitation.
wonder if microsoft going HD-DVD next gen.
even though its a dead format.

SuperLupe2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Well thats easy, just look at exclusive rpg's (western if there is any and japanese) on the PS3 and exclusive sandbox games (Infamous comes to mind).

They arent "limited" by DVD but none of them come close to the scope or length of a 3 year old jrpg like Lost Odyssey or open world game like GTA4. Just to give a few examples.

Marked2827d ago

@ superlupe

You're just silly if you think infamous and GTA4 are comparable. Infamous is based off of comic art style and the entire game defines itself as such. Gta4 was also missing tons of content compared to its predecessors.

The limitation may not be a huge issue but, its an issue that is creating some very repetative games.

BK-2012828d ago

Some 3rd parties aren't big enough to go multi.


There was a war? I must have won because I have all 3?

hellzsupernova2827d ago

ninja theory hows going multi platform treating you? oh wait

hassi942827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Don't care. Have a 360. Buying a PS3 very soon. My little brother has a Wii which I can play on if need be too. As well as my gaming PC which I'm currently waiting for the shogun 2 demo on! :P

Hmm I'm pretty happy no matter the platform.