Star Wars: The old Republic - Graphics Evolution & Comparison

SWTOR, has some unique challenges to overcome in the character graphics department, not only do they need to look good from a standard MMO third person perspective, they also need to stand up for the close-up cinematic cut scenes. Not a lot of MMO's have had to face this challenge.

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Spinal2829d ago

This video is Absolutely Biased.

ONLY a blind fanboy tard would think SWTOR graphics are better than Guild Wars 2. I'm looking forward to playing a Sith Warrior Marauder but i'm not a fanboy tard that cant see what's in front of me. The Only two MMO's i consider Next Gen in terms of Graphics and Physics in game is Guild Wars 2 and T.E.R.A.

SWTOR went in the direction of WoW with the animated Art style which I think is great i love the animated look compared to the Bland 'realistic' look that Rift and Age of Conan used. In my opinion I find it very boring to look at. I played Rift beta and the game has good parts like the talents and skills but it looks like Warhammer and feels like warhammer. Which i could just tell after playing for a week i would have just returned to WoW.

Now the fanboys are gonna try and defend SWTOR saying its not polished yet and its graphics is better than Guild Wars 2. Well tards SWTOR is coming out Before Guild Wars 2 so SWTOR is closer to final development than Guild Wars 2 is. Look at gameplay videos of both games and look at the graphics. SWTOR isn't even close. An I would rather play a Sith Warrior than a Charr Warrior so don't try call me a Guild Wars fanboy cause I just call it how I see it.

digitalivan2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I fully agree with you. When I saw gameplay videos, I couldn't believe how much GW2 was better. SWTOR is just trying to take a piece of the cake not bringing anything new.

Spydiggity2829d ago

wow, what an immature rant...

Giru0172829d ago

Agreed, Guild Wars 2 looked way better. I'm planning on picking up SWTOR anyways and, like you, plan on using a Sith Marauder, and it's already a sure buy for me, but seeing this biased comparison really made my blood boil. Supporting a game is one thing, being a blinded fanboy is another.

digitalivan2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Looks kinda the same as WOW and that's disappointing.
And they tried their best to find the ugliest pictures of other MMO's and compare them. GW2 looks a lot better in real gameplay than on those photos.
Here is the video and see for yourself:


graphics dont make a game good, a useless video in otherwords though I watched to see the character models and the republic tropper looks like a clone commando which is pretty awesome.

JohnApocalypse2829d ago

The graphics are supposed to be top notch in an MMO because they need to be computer friendly

digitalivan2829d ago

I agree. But that's no excuse for WoW which has a tree made out 5 polygons.
Guild Wars 2 improved graphics a lot over the first one and the system requirements will stay similar.