NBA All-Star 2011: Basketball Greats Get Custom PlayStation 3 Consoles from Sony

LOS ANGELES, California – In between the slam dunks by Blake Griffin and the celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kobe Bryant getting the MVP, the biggest names in the NBA stopped by Sony’s NBA All-Star PlayStation Players Lounge at the Marriott to pick up custom laser-etched PlayStation 3 consoles and video games. Sony set up an arcade in a suite for the players to check out titles like 2K Sports NBA 2K11, Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 3, Sony’s MLB 11: The Show and inFAMOUS 2. Sony’s Alex Armour takes us on a guided video tour of this year’s lounge

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TOSgamer2826d ago

It would be nice if Sony actually gave consoles to people who needed them. Like the charities in the other article instead of these guys.

RememberThe3572826d ago

No one needs a console. People need an education, people need housing, people need food. People don't need games. This hobby of ours is not important. And their giving stuff to playing because Players will talking about it over twitter and shit like that. It's just a marketing ploy.

TOSgamer2826d ago

Besides nitpicking on the wording of my comments what exactly does your post accomplish? I'd laugh at anyone who didn't realize its a marketing ploy. My point was that a better use of Sony's marketing dollars would be to give consoles to a children's hospital rather then rich, pampered entertainers and posting that story on their website, facebook or twitter.

BTW Since we are nitpicking an education also isn't a "necessity". I know quite a few people who have plenty of money that never went to college.

pain777pas2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

If your family worked for Sony you would think differently. Many companies use funds for what are perceived as rediculous reasons. I used to work for a company who deceives people in signing bogus door to door contracts. They paid me and my family benefitted. Now do I look at the company a little differently yes. They advertise for the city sports teams as any other sponsor. It is business. What I am getting at is the root of any economic problem and changing starts at the very begining education. Once you have a job you make money by spending it. Sony is just doing what fun big businesses do. At least they make people come to them. Plus half the things charity wise that these companies do go unoticed and are only on the lunch bulletin boards anyway.

ugo2826d ago

21 gun salute for u

RememberThe3572826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Education is about more than getting money. How young are you? Education is about training you mind to deal with issues, to prioritize, to work with people, to express yourself effectively, not just to get a phat pay check when you graduate. Theres much more to the world then just money.

And I wasn't nitpicking your post. Your post was too sentences, there wasn't much to it. I understand what your saying but your trying to go on this gilt trip and I don't think anyone is willing to go with you. And besides MS, Sony, and Nintendo all have given to my areas Children's Hospital as well as other hospitals in my area so your bitching about something they already do.

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Frak2826d ago

Cool Laser things, want a custom PS3 NOW