What happened to Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 in January?

XMNR: It was billed as the definitive version of the game. It was critically acclaimed with a metacritic score currently sitting at 94. Much virtual ink was spent on articles comparing different versions of it. It didn't break into the Top 10 of the January 2011 NPD sales. What happened to Mass Effect 2 for the PS3?

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DualConsoleOwner2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

didnt you hear?? GT5 sold more than Halo 3 and Halo Reach in their first 6 weeks time frame.

And LBP2 was out in the midst of that.

Kran2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Way to be fanboyish.

Cant we all just get along and say all of those games are great?

aviator1892853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Trust me, as much as I would love to see everyone getting along, the gaming community will always be like this.

Perjoss2853d ago

You'd think so, but apparently not.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2853d ago

Not's the truth. DCUO and LBP2 came out the same time as Mass Effect 2. I wanted to try Mass Effect but that won't be happening soon as I just got DCUO. KZ3 is coming out tomorrow and Crysis 2 not far behind that.

Queasy2853d ago

@Exgamerlegends - It's not like ME2 was released without any competition in January of 2010. Most notably, Bayonetta and Darkstalkers came out the same month.

Soldierone2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Better title to this "What happened to Game Journalism" It used to be non-bias, it used to be professional, but now its full of fanboys.

Sucks for those of us actualy trying that people like this take the easy route to hits. Hey buddy, ME2 also released on PSN those sales are not counted. Did you also mention it released a year later?, and unlike other consoles has 3 exclusives right next to it?

ABizzel12853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

@ DualCO

There was no need to bring up Halo. But he's right that's what happens when you gamers have too much to choose from. Someone gets left in the dust. GT5, Dead Space 2, LBP2, and Mass Effect 2 were 4 amazing games released in a 1 month time period. That's $240 brand new, and most gamers could only afford one.

Obviously GT5 was the popular choice with over 6 million in sales.

Dead Space was second with selling over a million copies. I have concerns it was said Dead Space to has outsold the original version 2-1, but according to VGChartz sold 1 million, but they have DS2 listed at 500K. Someone's lying unless they meant it was outselling it 2-1 in the same amount of time.

Little Big Planet 2 is pushing towards 1 million, as gamers casually pick it up (the original sold over 4 million copies thanks to bundles and long legs, expect the same).

Unfortunately Mass Effect 2 has some stiff competition, and the demo didn't do the game any justice, nor the price. Everything they said is exactly why the game wasn't received well. If you're going to bring a 1 year old port over to another console and expect it to do good, you're going to have to go all out and then some, to break that gamers no buy mentality. People would rather have a discounted game, than a full priced games with all the DLC, even if technically the free DLC makes up for the price. It also brings up a point that maybe a lot of console owners are in fact dual console owners.

I think what would have sold Mass Effect is if they called it Mass Effect Sigma or something and bundled Mass Effect 1 & 2 on a single disc for the PS3, but thanks to MS that's not going to happen. That would have sold for full price.

Queasy2853d ago

@SoldierOne - If you bothered to actually read the article you would have seen all of that.

R2D22853d ago

@Kran - Apple is the savior and when they bring out iGame next gen the Sony and MS pole smokers will be eating crow pie.

teething2853d ago

GT5 selling so well despite mediocre reviews makes a lot of sense, because it is a well known brand, and it has no real competition on the PS3 (other recent Driver sims?).

The shooter genre is over-saturated BIG TIME. To stand out you need to have a BIG NAME (Halo, COD) or a phenomenal game.

KZ3 will sell well for similar reasons... not much recent competition for sci-fi shooters on the PS3.

Soldierone2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

@quesy didn't bother to read it since misleading fanboyish headlines is a sign of bad journalism. Sorry i didnt give a rats arse to bother giving you more hits.

Why leave it out of the description paragraph? Becuase you want to anger fanboys and get them to click and read common sense with a biased twist. Same crap Examiner is known for.

@R2D2 Apple making a console is the worst idea ever. We don't need another Wii, and if we got one Nintendo would ensure it doesn't last long. Look at what happens when Apple "attempts to make a handheld game device" both Nintendo and Sony stepped it up and is going to cream em this year. You think Microsoft and Sony will sit back and accept Apple in the game industry? No.

Only company that has a chance at all is Sega, and that wont happen.

Queasy2853d ago

@Soldierone - Sorry if you feel that way but the title is not meant to be sensationalistic. ME2 was one of the most hyped and debated games coming into January. Then the January NPDs came out last week and I haven't heard a word about it. I thought it was a very legitimate question and tried to handle it fairly by mentioning January was a slow sales period, it was released a year later, it was more expensive, etc.

As to why I didn't list all that in the description paragraph, well then I would have just posted the entire article there.

Frankly though, I think it is comical that you are accusing me of bias, fanboyism and not telling the complete story when you in fact don't know anything about the article beyond the headline and description.

Iroquois_Pliskin2853d ago

dunno about u guys but i bought myself a copy.

morganfell2853d ago

I picked up Mass Effect 2 for the PS3. But like many gamers I knew that it was hardly GOTY material. I was aware of this before purchase having played the PC version but I opted to pick up the title anyway. Many did not proceed likewise.

For some gamers that had played it previously on the PC, the 12 year old level design simply wasn't worth a rebuy. I can't think of all the occasions in the game and a door locked behind me as I was treated to mechs and a room or area full of spawn closets. And the use of spawn triggers in the game was rampant.

It did bring back that nostalgia from my Quake days.

But as it has been noted above, PS3 gamers have been inundated with a plethora of exclusive and multiplatform titles both at retail and on PSN. It was only with great difficulty that I managed a few hours for ME2 on the PS3 due to the ever increasing stack of other games.

For many it makes the purchase of such a title difficult at best. Doubtless some will buy it later in the year as a character prep for ME3.

But the blistering pace of titles for the PS3 goes unabated with the launch today of Killzone 3. Look at the demos coming to PSN today and the titles due in the next 2 months. This makes the purchase of a year old game difficult at best.

The writer of the article errs in suggesting that a the moniker of definitive version is somehow tied to sales or that refinement or perceived refinement will somehow generate sales.

ME2 sales on the PS3 and articles about such are more examples of how the public and retailers fail to comprehend the buying habits of PS3 gamers.

MariaHelFutura2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Getting along is overrated.

....and who cares? I just want ME3 to be more like ME1.

OneSneakyMofo2853d ago

Two biggest reasons why ME2 didn't sell on PS3:

It's $5 on Steam.
It's $10 on Xbox 360.

There are others, like me, whose computer cannot run ME2, and only own one console which is why I bought ME2.

jeseth2852d ago

@ R2D2

I don't really think Apple would be as successful in the console race as yiu think. They have no exclusive franchises to compete with Nintendo, Sony, and MS.

Exclusives are the only reason to buy one console or the other.

frostypants2852d ago

ME with all the DLC definitely costs more than $10 on the 360. But yeah, probably still a bit less than $60, but at least on the PS3 you get the summary comic of the first game.

I think the biggest reason it's not selling well is that it hasn't been marketed well at all. Everyone knows about ME2. Not everyone knows it's even available on the PS3. Not all gamers are up-to-the-minute informed like us freaks.

HammockGames2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Game sales don't take place in a vacuum. Most people that were dying to play ME2 probably already did so.

One certainly wouldn't expect a year old game to sell like hotcakes when it's finally ported over to a different platform - especially in such a competitive release window. We've seen this trend before - e.g. Bioshock. Awesome game, but I seem to recall a number of articles similar to this one when the port was released on PS3.

Off topic: I wouldn't be a fan of Apple moving into the console world. Frankly, their PC hardware is usually overpriced and relatively underpowered. I can't see them changing that trend should they venture into console territory. Perhaps they could make a move if they partnered with OnLive to circumvent the hardware price/performance aspect (e.g. routing a game service through a new set top box). Something along those lines would make for an admittedly interesting possibility...

Anon19742852d ago

NPD doesn't track digital downloads, something that the article failed to catch onto. Mass Effect 2's digital downloads are not included in this figure. Also, the majority of the PS3's install base is outside of the US. You wouldn't write an article about "What happened to the 360's Mass Effect 2 sales in Japan?" yet for some reason the same logic doesn't apply to Sony.

Of course, using logic would deny the game media another opportunity to try to convince us that something's wrong with the PS3, and we can't have that now, can we?

Heartnet2852d ago

Although he had no right mentionjing sales of gt5 to halo series (LOL)

He is right that to many other games came out on ps3 in that month :P

paintsville2852d ago

It sold poorly because unless it's an exclusive ps3 can't hold up against 360. I don't really blame them.

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tehpees32853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

most already played the game on 360 or PC

aviator1892853d ago

lol, you changed your comment. I saw the real thing and boy it was fanboyish.


Drekken2853d ago

They released it a year after Pc/360.... It came out AFTER Christmas and went up against LBP2 and DC Online... They are lucky anyone bought it.

If you want your game to sell, I think it has been proven it has to release at the same time on all consoles to have equal sales.

But lets face it, this game wasn't lighting up the charts on the 360 either.

TheDivine2853d ago

Thing is mass effect 2 is better than anything else releasing on ps3. People dont know what theyre missing. Even bieng a year old it beats lbp2, dead space 2, gt5, and dcuo. But its a dreaded "multiplat".

red2tango2853d ago

I did not enjoy Mass Effect 1 and will not buy the sequel. Also, it's not better than anything releasing on the PS3, Uncharted 2 was already better. And my final point, I see plenty of LBP2 ads, where were the ads for ME2?

RememberThe3572852d ago

Mass Effect is one of my favorite series this generation and I play both the 360 version and the PS3 version.

But with God Of War 3, Uncharted 2, Killzone 3, MGS4, and all the others, Mass Effect 2 isn't the best game on the console. Hell, it had weaker RPG elements than the first one.

jeseth2852d ago

No offense Divine but .. .

I just started playing ME2 after beating Dead Space 2 and I am not let down, but the game is a little underwhelming after how much every 360 owner hyped it up.

I think Bioware's Dragon Age Origins is a better game.

You just tried painting a broad stroke on PS3 owners and came out looking like a troll. Plus saying it "beats up" the games you mentioned is just trolling, ME2 is an RPG and none of the other games you mentioned fall into that category.

ME2 is a "good" game but IMO not the greatest RPG this gen now that I'm actually playing it. Dragon Age is a better game and it's a dreaded

Get back under the bridge.

jony_dols2852d ago

I loved ME1 and then I was totally underwhelmed by ME2....

Mmmkay2852d ago

I thought ME2 was the most boring game so far this year. and btw. it's an rpg, don't mention it in the same sentance as lbp2, DS2, DCUO, GT5 or whatever, just shows how stupid your comment is.

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Dante1122853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

@ aviator's very first comment

"We choose what we will be, every moment of every day. To hate is easy, because it feels good to strike at the great enemy (fear). To love is difficult, as it challenges us to open our fist and trust blindly. I look at my closed fist and see in it the world, locked in fear and anger. I look at my open hand and see the universe, open to possibility."

Peace to all gamers no matter what console you own.

Norad62853d ago

How about this for a reason of low sales: It was already a year old! People who are fans of Mass Effect should have already found a way to play it within a years time. Be it Xbox 360 or PC.

To think that this was going to sell well was a pipe dream. Still pretty impressive sales for an old game though.

RememberThe3572852d ago

I think the price was a big deal too. Like someone said about it's really low already on PC and 360. People aren't going to be willing ot buy a game for 5 times as much as they'd pay on an other platform.

Norad62851d ago

It comes with $30 worth of DLC on the disc. I say that's worth it.

tobysims2853d ago

The game was a year old and the edge the PS3 version had was a lie to hype the PS3 version for sales. No one fell for it and no one wants to play sloppy seconds.

lelo2play2853d ago

Bioware just wasted money porting this game to the PS3. Who wanted to play the game, played it on the PC or X360.

bluwulf2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

For the most part, the demo was terrible. Well not terrible, but there was so much hype behind this game, playing through it, compared to other PS3 titles, really provided a shallow experience. I think I shut it off half way through...

Not sure if it would have done better without the hype. But there was too much to buy, of good quality. To spend on the port.

"Bioware just wasted money porting this game to the PS3. Who wanted to play the game, played it on the PC or X360. "

this as well.

Mmmkay2852d ago

no, the demo was terrible. if i hadn't already preordered it before playing that i never would have gotten it...

Focker4202853d ago

You want to know what happened?? LBP2, DCUO, and DS2.

I bought ME2, but I'll be trading it in tomorrow when I go to pick up KZ3.

GavLam882852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

The only reason I have not bought ME2 yet is because I played it on PC. I intend on buying the PS3 version before ME3 is released so I can carry my character over. Plus I want to play the DLC that is included and collect the trophies. I am more concerned about other games at the moment though such as Dead Space 2, LBP2 and Killzone 3

smashman982852d ago


dead space 2
me 2

followed by february's

Im on a budgeet cant afford everything plus i've convinced myself that with the release of me3 me2 will see a drastic price drop

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LayingPipe2853d ago

What happened to Mass Effect 2 for the PS3?

Well...its been out for a year on pc and 360. Who would expect huge sales on a year old game where everyone knows plots, story and just about everything else. I played it on pc a while ago and just rented and beat it on ps3.

gaden_malak2853d ago

Any game that is released a year later ever sell well?
Bioshock didn't.

Inside_out2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

If Commander Shepard had a thong, was wearing bear heads on his hands and fought 300 ft monsters...then it would of sold great.

@dual...As for the Halo 3's well over 12 million. Halo Reach has sold 8+ million. If you want to compare sales don't forget dlc...Halo wipes the floor with the car sim...especially this gen. GT would have to be played on line for the next ten years, while Halo sat idle to catch up. Halo is a far, FAR more profitable game than the 5+ years in the making car sim.

Death2853d ago

Gran Turismo sells incredibly well worldwide. If you look at the series lifetime sales you will clearly see it has outsold Halo by a pretty big margin. That isn't to say Halo isn't any good, just that GT holds a wider audience.


Elvfam5112853d ago

I guess you wish Commander Shepard had thong on huh?

BlackTar1872852d ago

Can you explain what your referencing? In regards to you "Commander Shepard had a thong, was wearing bear heads on his hands and fought 300 ft monsters...then it would of sold great"

I just don't know what game your refereeing to but man you need to take a week off your trolls arn't nearly as clear or clever.

smashman982852d ago

LOL u know what i prolly would buy that god of war clone with that being said u gotta remember some ppl who own 360's own ps3's as well so they decided not to buy it

me on the other hand i decided i wanted dead space marvel vs capcom and lbp more than me2 i wouldve gotten them all but then i woulddnt be able 2 pay rent or college

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InTheLab2853d ago

What happened to Mass Effect 2 for the PS3?

A year old game being sold at full retail. EA screwed up with the pricing and it's showing. You can go buy everything that came with the PS3 version for $20 on Steam and it's still cheaper to buy the 360 version +dlc. I loved the game but there's no reason to buy it again at that price.

I bought the game day 1 on the 360 because I loved ME1. I'd been waiting for ME2 since I completed ME1. PS3 only owners cant say the same thing. This is technically the first game in the series and I'm sure ME1 didn't blow up in sales it's first month.

NYC_Gamer2853d ago

a lot of people feel the game shouldn't cost full price

Perjoss2853d ago

It came with quite a lot of DLC included, might I add the DLC was outstanding, especially Overlord.

remanutd552853d ago

i'll tell ya what happened to a year old game , Little Big Planet 2 , Dead Space 2, DC Online Universe thats what happened , choices , fresh new games , well thats how i see it , i knew Little Big Planet 2 was a no brainer for me but i was on the fence about Dead Space 2 , DC Online Universe and Mass Effect 2 , if DC Online Universe didnt have a monthly subscription then i would have picked it up already but i went with Dead Space 2 instead

b-real2853d ago

Mass Effect 2 is leaps and bounds better than any of the games listed above.

remanutd552853d ago

i respect your opinion but dont agree with it , i havent regret one bit not getting it , i think LBP 2 is the best game out of all the ones i listed but to each their own

Elvfam5112853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

For you maybe

rayzorn2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

i almost bought a 360 for me2 for so long im glad i didnt now. not saying i still dont want a 360 for other games. but i am not liking me2 anywhere near as much as i thought i would. i enjoyed. dead space 1, batman AA and castlevania way better. that was my last 3 games before ME2.

im still pushing thru it though to see the ending i hear it is really good and im close. might rent me3 but idk about buying it after this one.

jeseth2852d ago

@ b=real

I wanted to agree with you and I actually bought the game. After all its hype I feel a bit underwhelmed right now.

IMO Dragon Age Origins, Bioware's earlier project, is a better experience than ME2. ME2 is a good RPG but now that I'm playing it I feel like it was touted so heavily as such a great game because it was exclusive and PS3 owners wouldn't know one way or the other. Now that it is out on PS3 I realize its not as good as hyped.

LBP2 is the best and most innovative game in its genre, DCUO is the first online MMO for consoles this gen, and Dead Space 2 has set the bar for survival horror. They are all top games in their genre, ME2 is a good game but now after playing it is not the best RPG this gen IMO.

Your comment makes me also believe you haven't played any of the games you are taking shots at.

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