Details on PlayStation Home's Dress

Dress is an expansion for the PlayStation Home service. It attempts to bridge the the gap between real life fashion designers and the digital fashions that you make use of in the virtual Home world. Sony refers to it as a "premium avatar service."

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SmokeyMcBear4098d ago

something for the girls.. okie dokie

ps3gogetitt4098d ago

We get to play dress up!!!!!!!!! (did i say that out loud)

Cartesian3D4098d ago

I dont want to buy another PS3 just for that..

hope SONY make enough money from this service (advertising and other stuff like this) and keep it FREE for ever..

Maddens Raiders4098d ago

I wonder how fast this will be copied or knocked-off by other platforms?

Snukadaman4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

you should get paid for your PR work....if your not then what a waste.

and what games are you playing madden raider...since your busy putting up crappy news posts?

FirstknighT4098d ago

Well atleast you can finally fulfill your fantasy as dressing as a girl. ;)

Maddens Raiders4098d ago

I didn't know know Second life is another platform titwanker. Now go back into your cave and play Haloalldaylo retard.

eclipsegryph4098d ago

Maddens Raiders -
Wait, did you just actually say "Haloalldaylo"? I mean, as a form of an insult? Seriously, mate, you are in no way improving the image of Sony fanboys.

Maddens Raiders4098d ago

I'm glad to do it. Someone has to I suppose.

Look eclipsygraph I simply borrowed that wonderful "term of endearment" from one of your fellow "comrades". So if you want to blame anyone for use of it -- this is where I got it from:
============================= ================

SDS Overfiend - 17 Hours ago

Ignore66 - No you did''nt maddens Raiders, No you did'nt?
You actually posted this flamebait?

Fuk you man!!!! You's a b1tch and the fuking clowns who created it.
After Halo 3 drops there is so much negative themed reviews and analysist etc is a shame. I guess it goes to show what a great game it is. Anyway while you Sony fanboys search for Negative press I'm playing Halo all Daylo. I guess that is what you do when you wait for BBB titles.

BTW to All my Xbox Comrades

If you ever play Halo on the Map Sandtrap Have a Mongoose race across the sand. It controls and looks better than Motorstorm.
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Now considering who the author is and his 'witty' assumptions and conclusions I can't simply lump all _Bots in this same lot, but this is the mentality I'm used to dealing with and what I'm dishing out.


Numark4098d ago

lol, anyone who uses the phrase "Haloalldaylo" "schooling bots" and promotes dress-up is obviously confused in their sexuality.

SmokeyMcBear4098d ago

actually... commenting on another persons sexuality, is pretty much the smoking gun (pun intended) of someone questioning their own. Just to let you know buddy. Take the people screaming about people being [email protected] its really a cry for help. Live and learn buddy, live and learn

Snukadaman4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

its a program too make clothes....for a avatar in a chatroom/social arena...that you guys are honestly defending the idea...calling this "cutting edge". granted sony is taking chances on this but what happend too making games everyone wants too play instead of working on a social platform. You people cant honestly tell me you will be interested in this for months too come. Seriously...someone please explain too me how someone who would never purchase "barbies dress up adventures" but turns around and thinks dressing up their avatar sounds cool. You just cant sit around and glorify every idea sony comes up with and think its gold because there are people like me who just sit and shake their heads at the absurdity of it all.

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PlayStation3604098d ago

this sounds pretty dope. I hope they include Affliction, Doctrine, Jedidiah, and Manchester Ltd. (my fav. clothing brands).

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