Kinect vs. Move: Price, Games, Technology, Innovation, and Future

"Microsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move? It’s the question we have to ask ourselves when trying to decide between buying a PS3 or an Xbox 360 nowadays. They both have their ups and downs and it can be hard to choose which way you want to go when you are standing in a Wal-Mart or GameStop and can’t quite put together which one is the better buy. Many factors come into play. Not only do you have to consider their current game line-ups, but you also have to think of how each motion control peripheral is going to play out with its future games."

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Nick2120042829d ago

I personally prefer the PlayStation Move device over Microsoft's Kinect, but Talal Mohammad & Ian Pack both brought up good points.

R2D22829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Looks at Nick212004 avatar...hahahahahahahahahahah ahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahah a hahhahaahhaahha

Edit: What is Kratos going to do to poor MC with that Giant Pink.......

ImHereNow2829d ago Show
SWORDF1SH2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

So by your rules, wii is better than the 360?

Edit: Even though I respect what kinect can do, it's clearly aimed at casuals, not me, so I wont be buying it to play dancing and exercise games anytime soon. Meanwhile loving Tiger11 with move and Killzone is ace. Getting the sharpshooter this friday.

@R2D2. Yes a embarrassing death for MC is looming. Don't forget Kratos kills Gods with his bare hands. MC will be detroyed like an annoying gnat

30sec2829d ago

Sales numbers don't mean they are playing a damn thing. Like many I know, it's being used as a glorified remote. Until it delivers something motion controlled the likes of Killzone 3 or Metroid Other M, Kinect is getting shit on, sorry ImHereNow.

Iroquois_Pliskin2829d ago

Man loving the articles pic :B

tmanmushroom2829d ago

Kinect hacks are revealing some interesting ways the Kinect can be utilized

Pixel_Enemy2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Interesting yes.. Practical? No. None of the hacks are anything useful to gaming.

killajd2829d ago

When comparing the two Id rather use the move. On the pc I personally love the kinect and what I can do with the pc with it!

egm_hiphopgamer2829d ago

Move has the advantage over kinect, kinect's promotion is out of this world though i look forward to both

2829d ago
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