Ep 39: Clever Girl

This weeks podcast is all about Dinosaurs thanks to the recent announcement of "Jurassic Park The Game" by Telltale Games. Back in the mid 90's Dinosaurs were infinitely more popular than zombies and we talk about some of our favorites games featuring Dinosaurs. We hope they start making a comeback soon and terrorize the video game industry once again. Because really, who doesn't love to see people get eaten by a T-Rex while they're sitting on the toilet?

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Pozzle2619d ago

I feel old for knowing exactly where the "clever girl" reference came from as soon as I read the title. I even read it in the hunter's voice. :O

Torkith2619d ago

Hah, Muldoon is straight badass.

Donthackmebro2619d ago

LOL, all I hear is the squealing noise the Velociraptors make before the eat your face.

Can't wait to try out the game and see the crazy Dinosaur mayhem.

Muffin_Top2619d ago

Haaa Yeah me too. :'( and it's Lukewarm media that made that Primal Carnage game guys. WTF @ Iguana blood...