Halo 3 To Push Xbox 360 Tipping Point

How much is Halo 3 driving Xbox 360 sales? Analyst group Compete has crunched the latest numbers and predicted as many as 300,000 hardware unit sales could have come from the Halo effect in the month before its release, and found suprising stats on Halo's edition sell-through.

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lightning324069d ago

i think its sad that a lot of people but the 360 just for halo 3

Meus Renaissance4069d ago

My brother has my Xbox right now and hes not playing it. I was very tempted to buy an Elite just for Halo but my senses came to me.

The game is very fun online, addictive. People bought the PS2 for GTA or FF so why cant others do the same for Halo when it comes to the 360?

stunt2134069d ago

i had to choose between 360 and halo 3 for my birthday or iphone? i was going to pick 360, but then i realize that iphone is way cooler

sak5004069d ago


You know something similar happened to me as well. I had to choose between a ps3 and vacum cleaner. Yes, the choice was difficult as both are used for collecting dust, but then i went for the more useful and handy version. Sanyo vacum cleaner. I just love using it around the apartment.

Jo0j4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

i think its sad that a lot of people but a PS3 just for bluray least the 360 people were buying their console for a GAME.

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lawman11084069d ago

360 will pass Wii by the end of Oct.

CadDad4069d ago

The 360 may pass the Wii, but it will most likely be temporary.

The HALO phenomenon is a unique one, pushing a lot of games and generating massive hype initially, but the long term aspects of it pushing systems for months and months just doesn't check with history.

I think Halo 3 will barely crack 10 million lifetime, and might push ~1 million consoles, since I feel the playerbase for Halo had already adopted the 360 for the most part.

I could very well be wrong, but as it stands it's a pretty safe prediction.


tehcellownu4069d ago

it will never pass the wii..after halo 3 the sales is goin to go down for christmas all the parents is goin to buy their kids wii.. i want to hear microsoft official words on how many halo 3 been sold..if it sold the same amount as halo 2 ill laugh so hard

WIIIS14069d ago

PS3 will never pass the Wii or 360.

Jrome4069d ago

I beat halo 3 ^_^. Now i can put my 360 to side..until....Mass Effect ^_^.

Wile4069d ago

no need to set it aside. I hear the multi player isn't too shabby. ;P

Jrome4069d ago

Well, after halo 2 multi player...halo multi player got a little boring for me.

Besides, why pay for halo 3 multi player when Warhawk is free ^_^ and more exciting if you ask me.

sak5004069d ago

@jrome. EITHER STFU or give us your gamertag. It seems like you are a fonyfanatic. No right minded person owning a ps3 and 360 will hv more leaning towards overhyped, expensive, lied about, BD trojoned console over a console with 100+ better games and great online service, the only negative about is the RROD, that too had been taken care off. SO TAKE KEN's D!K out of your a$$ and give us your 360 gamertag.

Urbancowboy7864069d ago

Now what will they do without their money machine eh?

mikeslemonade4069d ago

The August sales were due to Bioshock and Blue Dragon not Halo 3.

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