DTG: Review- Killzone 3

DTG review one of the most hotly-anticipated and discussed PS3 exclusives ever. But is Killzone 3 another example of graphical fidelity triumphing over any new and innovative gameplay features?

DTG write "Reports on graphics, good or bad, tends to permeate much of the pre-release hype that games these days receive. Graphical quality - from the use of lighting, to the draw distance and amount of polygons that compose each frame – has long gathered momentum as becoming one of the most defining characteristics of the latest games, and we, as gamers, are increasingly won over moreso..." [ctd.]

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DragonWarrior2828d ago

Okay, i dont disagree with someone's opinion, but if this game is a 4/5, then what do you consider a 5/5 game? Do you want a ball rub with the purchase as well? I think the only thing this game lacks is online campaign coop. As a "Hater" of KZ2, after playing the beta I dont think I could ever play another FPS again if the new fps games don't amount to half of what this game is. What is this game you might ask? Its bad ass!

Sarobi2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

most people who give 5/5's and 10/10's are pretty much saying the game is perfect in every form of way, the reviewer here points out that he had trouble with A.I. and isn't a fan of the "gritty" art style which makes the game look grey instead of colorful

DragonWarrior2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Well i think this game deserves a 10/10 cause there is nothing out there that even comes close. So ya, no game is perfect, but say that to all those shit sites that give Gears, Halo, GTA4, MGS4 all 10/10. Yet good games like this don't even hit 90 on metacritic. Its fuckin sad, and pathetic if you ask me.

Nonetheless, this game should be getting no more than a 4.5 outa 5

Berserker__11242828d ago

All I hear is that the story is garbage but Halo's shitty games get 5/5's and 10/10's and that story is pure dog shit. And CoD get awesome scores and that plot is also garbage but because this is a Sony exclusive it gets points off just for that.